How To Cure Male Yeast Infection

Yeast infections are not only common in females but males get it too though it often remains undiagnosed. This is because their overall physical structure of the genitalia is vastly different from that of a woman.

Yeast Infection

Yeast infections are primarily caused by the yeast called as ‘Candida Albacans’ which thrive in moist areas of the body especially the genitalia.


The main causes of male yeast infection are as follows.

Sexual Contact

Women unknowingly pass on the germs to the man even before they show the classic symptoms of a yeast infection. Therefore, if the woman is diagnosed with a yeast infection, in all probability the man has it too. The yeast travels from the vagina and goes up the urethra of the man to cause an infection.

Sexual Contact

Use of Antibiotics

Another cause for widespread yeast infection in men is the use of antibiotics. This is because the excessive use of antibiotics tends to get rid of the good bacteria that reside in the gut and other parts of the body. This lowers the man’s immunity and makes him prone to developing a yeast infection.

Diabetic men are more prone to catching a yeast infection. This is because of the elevated sugar levels. The excess sugar in the body is what the yeast thrives on and multiplies. If you have frequent yeast infections along with the other symptoms of diabetes, it is worth seeing a doctor.


Symptoms of a Male Yeast Infection

A penile yeast infection has some of the classic symptoms. This includes swelling, redness and pain on the head of the penis. There is localized itching on the penis and the penis feels very sore.

A thick yellow discharge may be seen on the head of the penis and along the folds of the penis. Small pustules and blisters may also be visible. The discharge is foul smelling and offensive. If the man has any of these symptoms, it is worth getting him checked.

Penile yeast infection

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Treatment for Male yeast Infection

One of the most important treatments is a change in the diet. The man should restrict his intake of fatty and sugary foods especially if he is also a diabetic. He should eat more of fresh fruits and vegetables along with whole grains.

The man should completely avoid sexual contact till the infection heals up. Washing of hands and keeping the penile area clean with warm water is important. Wearing loose cotton underwear too is very important. Do not try to puncture or pop the blisters as this can lead to a severe infection on the glans.

Eating yoghurt may encourage the growth of good bacteria in the body and these will help to fight off the bad or harmful ones. You can also take some crushed garlic in its raw form to help fight the infection.

OTC creams are helpful in fighting the infection especially if you have sores and blisters on the penis. If you are not sure about the medication, seek a doctor’s opinion who will prescribe specific anti-fungal creams to treat the infection.