How To Create A Container Garden For A Beautiful Home

How To Create A Container Garden For A Beautiful Home

How To Create A Container Garden For A Beautiful Home Today’s apartment lifestyles have forced us to make do with shrunken garden space. Gone are the days when houses had the luxury of sprawling gardens. Container gardens are the perfect answer for urban homes.

They take up little space and are easy to maintain. With a little care and effort, you can have a blooming garden all year around.

How To Get Going

First, decide on how much gardening space you have in your house; is it the terrace or balcony and do you want to include hanging baskets in your garden? Now decide on the theme of your garden, think of the plants you are interested in, whether it is evergreen shrubs, annuals, seasonal flowering plants or herbs. It is a good idea to think of a basic colour scheme of your garden before you visit the nursery.

Next, decide on the type of containers for your plants. There are plenty of varieties to choose from, apart from the conventional terracotta ones. There are ceramic, metal and even wooden planters which look very attractive. There are even light weight planters made of fibreglass which are more durable than traditional pots. An important thing to remember is that containers should have proper drainage to prevent soil loss.

Basic Arrangement

Decide on the arrangement of your plants. Plants can be arranged according to their colour scheme, shape and size. For example tall plants like palms can be placed right at the back, then come the mid height plants and lastly, small shrubs or trailing plants. Another arrangement could be to have a centre piece such as a tall plant or an evergreen shrub and arrange other flower pots around it to expand the garden.

A container garden can look more enchanting with garden accessories like ceramic pots, pieces of drift wood and small statues. Containers can be accentuated with attractive pebbles and coloured stones.

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Much of your container garden planning depends on the amount of sunlight. Choose plants accordingly, so that they are not exposed to too little or too much sunlight. Moderate to diffused sunlight is best for plants in containers. Turn the pots occasionally so that they get even sunlight all around. An ideal place to have a container garden is the balcony or a shaded terrace.

Choose Plants With Care

Choose sturdy plants over delicate ones as they are easier to maintain. Plants such as Chinese orange, areca palms and even bamboos look great and fill up space with their sheer size. Perennial shrubs like hibiscus with their bright flowers add a touch of colour to your garden. Seasonal flowering plants such as portulacas and sunflowers make a pretty picture, placed among green shrubs.

Useful Tips

Use porous soil in containers to allow the water to seep down to the roots.
Water plants when soil feels dry and use a fertilizer weekly
Clean the leaves by sprinkling them with water, as dust clogs the leaf surface, suffocating the plant. Try not to clutter your garden space with too many plants

So start a container garden now and brighten up your home!