How To Create A Beach Style Home With Best Decor

How To Create A Beach Style Home With Best Decor

How To Create A Beach Style Home With Best Decor The moment you hear a Beach Home, you start dreaming about splash of waves and sand and cool breezes flowing all around your house. Beach Home makes you dream about vast sun kissed and sand filled beaches, but this is no more a dream.

You can turn it into reality at your home itself. Why not create the Beach effect at your home by implementing the Beach Styling tips. Beach style home with best decor will give a cool and calm look to your house without much changes and efforts. Small changes in few nook and corners of your house will turn your house into a beach style home. This will give a new style to your house along with a unique look also.

Home Decor Changes you Need to Make for Beach Style Home

Hang a Candle-lit Chandelier

This is the easiest way to make your house look like a beach and illuminate it just like beach style. Hang a candle lit Chandelier in the middle of your house. You can buy various types of Candle lit chandeliers which are available in market and are made up of different materials like steel, fibre or wrought iron and if you want to give an antique look to your beach style house then you can also go for soft wood chandelier.

To give a nice light up to your house you should keep one beautiful candle stand in each and every corner of the house. As the evening dawns, light up all the candles on the stand to enlighten your house in a typical beach style and create a beach effect. To save the candles from blowing away surround them with fibre covers.

Paint The Walls In Beach Style

Planning a beach style home then the best way to give a beach touch to your house is get the walls painted with cool colours of wall paint. White and Blue is the best combination for a typical beach look on the walls. Blue colour portrays both water and sky and the white colour will give nice calm effect to your mind. The same effect which you experience while you are sitting on the beach side, you will get when you will sit in the house painted with these colours. If you want to experiment then instead of using white colour you can go for light green colour also. It will also give cool and calm effect just like a beach to your house.

Change The Sofa And The Walls In Beach Style

In order to give a beach touch to your home, cover the walls and sofa of the house with lining covers. Remember that the lining should have white or off-white colours in them and if you want you can use covers with light prints also. Light prints in pink or blue colours look very attractive and give a nice cool Beach Style look to your house.

Use Cane Or Bamboo Furniture For Beach Style Home

Decorate or get all the furniture of the house made up of bamboo instead of wood.

How To Create A Beach Style Home With Best Decor

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The best part of bamboo furniture is that it is beautiful in looks and very light also to move or shift from one place to the other. This kind of furniture will give you an experience of beach resort inside the comfort of your house.

Give Special Touch To The Stairs

Stairs in or around the house can be given special beach touch by getting the stairs made up of wood instead of marble. The walls around the stairs should be painted in white colour and the railings lining the stairs should be made up of steel, this will enhance the beauty of the stairs and give your house a perfect beach look, which you are dreaming of.

Decorate With Tyres And Hammocks

Adorn the outer walls of your house with tyres filled with air. You can bedeck the wash basin area and the outer periphery of the mirrors also with large tyres. Paint the tyres with same colour as the wall paint. Same way you can use ropes also to spruce up the beach look of the house around the mirrors and the wash basin area. Except for this in order to decorate the favourite area of your house you can use a Hammock made up of bamboo or ropes. If there is not enough space to hang a hammock you can smarten up the area by hanging a rope swing where you can sway and relax.

Spruce Up Your Garden With Colours

In a house with Beach house concept it is mandatory to decorate it with many colours and the garden can be the best place to beautify with different natural colours. Like you can adorn the garden with a blue umbrella and a brown table for a colourful look. Choose a red coloured crockery to smarten up the garden are in beach style and paint the flower pots and plant pots in yellow shade to give a multi-coloured hue to the garden.

Create Bending Walls For Beach Look

Children’s room is the best place where you can also create the typical beach look. Get one of the walls of the kid’s room made in a slightly slanting direction just like a hut. You can decorate this wall by hanging curtains on a wooden pelmet on this slanting wall.

Decorate With A Beach Table

Refurbish all the chairs and tables of the house with white paint and in the centre of this table keep shells and conchs in a tray. You can ornate the corner of the rooms with small aquariums with small and colourful fishes. The aquariums and the sea shells all around the house will give you a nice feel to your house and you will feel as if you are sitting on beach side only.

Create A Bed Canopy

Get a Bed Canopy made by installing pillars on all the four sides of the bed. Now get the roof of the bed covered with beautiful lining with the help of these pillars. You can change these canopies according to the taste you like and this will give a nice beach style look to your house.

Thus by using these small but beautiful home decor ideas you can embellish your house in a typical beach style.