How To Cope With Pregnancy Induced Mood Swings

Mood swings can be even more pronounced during pregnancy. You will feel on top of the world one minute and have bouts of uncontrollable weeping the next.It’s hard to explain the whacky world of pregnancy hormones. Mood swings are marked and severely pronounced in the first trimester which may make any woman wonder what’s wrong.

Mood swings are heightened also because there are several bodily changes happening and pregnancy has it’s symptoms that can be bewildering and uncomfortable to say the least.

Although they tend to settle down somewhat after the first trimester, they tend to again peak during the third trimester. Whatever be the case here are some steps that you can take to keep them in control for some much needed sanity and peace of mind.

Keep Blood Sugar Up

Mood swings especially during pregnancy are directly related to hunger pangs. So if you have starved yourself and starved the baby, it is but natural to be a little on edge. Beat the blues by regularly eating energy giving foods every 2-3 hours.

Avoid eating fatty and sugary foods as they give you instant spikes of energy and may quell your cravings but they are also followed by an immediate slump of energy and a downward decline in your peppy mood.

Ban The Caffeine

If you are a regular guzzler of 4-5 cups of sugary coffee, colas and tea, now is one of the most opportune times to exercise restraint. For those who need their caffeine kick, the odd cup of tea or coffee is fine but an overdose will not only play a havoc with your moods but also irritate your sensitive stomach lining and cause acidity. So limit both for happier results. Sip on happy liquids like juices, soups and buttermilk.

Eat Well

Just eating every two hours is not sufficient. You need your regular dose of foods rich in zinc, folic acid and omega -3 fats that will keep you happy, peppy and in high spirits. Load up on veggies nuts and fruits and make them a part of your daily diet.

Get A Move On

Exercise can boost your metabolism and your spirits so shake a leg or just get out of the house and take  a walk. Exercise releases those feel good endorphins that will keep you feeling light, energetic and happy.

Make Love A

If you are in the mood and you doctor is ok, you can step up on the physical intimacy. It will not only make you feel good about yourself but will also strengthen the emotional bond with your partner. Take some time out with your partner for some much needed intimacy even if it is talking and cuddling.

Get That Vitamin D

Soak up the happy rays of the sun. The sun’s warmth and the fresh air will definitely lighten up your spirits.

Get Some Human Contact

Pregnant women must take the time out to talk, confide and share their woes with someone they feel close. Let it be your darling mom, your sister or a dear friend.

Some well meaning advice, a kind empathetic ear and a different perspective can work its magic on your temperament and state of mind. Let it also be someone who has been through it and will want to see things from your point of view.

Rest Up And Learn To Relax

Since it is you that is pregnant and carrying a baby, it is you who takes precedence over everything and everyone else. So cut yourself some slack and put yourself first. Pay attention to your needs, relax and take as much rest as you can. This is one time where no one can and should not grudge you the much needed relaxation.