How To Control Diabetes With Diet

nuts to control diabetes

Diabetes, nowadays is affecting people irrespective of their gender and age and dealing with it is very important . Some known causes could be hereditary factors , obesity, sedentary lifestyle, poor food habits etc. The good news is that diabetes  can be controlled with medical help,  enough exercise and proper diet. The following diet tips will help  to manage diabetes.

Tips To Control Diabetes With Diet


Glycemic index of a food tells us how long a certain food takes to get digested so high GI food will result in instant sugar rise and low GI food will give sustained energy .It is common for diabetics to hear that they should not be eating carbohydrates, but the idea here is to avoid foods which create an instant rise in the sugar levels.

nuts to control diabetes

Simple carbohydrates like sugar, white flour and potatoes etc.  have a higher GI so they spike up the sugar levels, but they can easily be avoided if replaced by fiber rich complex carbohydrates like brown rice, whole wheat pasta fruits and nuts etc.  which have a lower GI and hence give sustained energy while keeping the sugar levels more controlled .


 Fats are very calorie dense but they are important nutrients so cannot be completely avoided. They’re  also needed to assimilate fat soluble vitamins like vitamin E . Saturated and trans fats which are found in processed foods, some bakery items , meat with fat and hydrogenated vegetable oils should be avoided . Limit saturated fat and completely avoid trans fat .

Consume unsaturated heart healthy fats which come basically from plants and fish sources. Include olive oil , dried nuts, peanut butter, soymilk, fish and avocadoes in the diet. Omega -3 fatty acids are enormously good for you which come from flax seeds and fish like salmon etc.


Many diabetics are advised to have a diet really high in protein but even if something is good , too much of it is still bad as too much protein can cause insulin resistance. Include a lean healthy protein in most meals without doing away with the other important nutrients of a balanced diet.


diet for diabetes

Diabetes can cause other disorders like heart disease and weak kidneys due to damage caused by free radicals so including foods rich in anti oxidants helps. Include foods like  orange,berries, tomatoes,papaya ,wheat grass juice etc.  to provide yourself with an array of essential antioxidants.

Proscribed Foods

Replace the white foods with their healthy or whole grain versions . Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits will keep you full for a longer time thereby fighting sugar cravings.  Chopped fruit(s) with a small helping of whipped cream can be taken in place of sugar rich desserts.

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Tea and coffee can be replaced with herbal or green tea. Some dark chocolate can be had instead of regular chocolate.Water with few drops of lemon can be taken instead of sweetened juices beverages and sodas. Baking or stir frying can be done instead of deep frying.

Foods Good For Diabetics

Citrus fruits , apple, bitter gourd , amla, radish , turnip ,gram , carrots,  garlic , cinnamon and turmeric are foods that help. Fenugreek miraculously reduces the amount of sugar in blood. Flax seeds are good too.

Some Home Remedies

Soak some fenugreek seeds in a glass of water. Strain and drink this water after 12 hours. Take it daily in the morning and evening. Roast kalonji  (onion seeds)  , and grind them to a powder. Eat one  tsp daily in the mornings. Drinking  20ml-to 50ml of bitter gourd juice will reduce the amount of sugar in the blood.

Things To Remember

Eating at the right time is as important for good health as eating the right things.  People who are more prone to bingeing can keep a food diary to save themselves from mindless eating. Take small meals to prevent your system from getting overloaded. To prevent overeating, eat slowly and savour each bite to get taste and satisfaction from food.