How To Control Diabetes Through Insulin

control diabetes through insulin

control diabetes through insulin Diabetes is a condition where the body develops high levels of blood glucose. Insulin is one of the natural hormones produced by the body. If for some reason the body cannot produce insulin or becomes resistant to it, then the person becomes diabetic.

Insulin functions like a key helping to unlock the cells for the sugar to seep into the cells. Without insulin, the blood sugar does not enter into the cells and circulates instead in the blood, which can harm the body in several ways. When the body stops producing insulin, then the person starts taking synthetic insulin in order to control his/her diabetes.

For people with type 1 diabetes, insulin is essential in the body, as they cannot produce insulin at all. In type 2 diabetes, the resistance to insulin tends to increase progressively which means that a person may require insulin at a later stage.

The Effects of Insulin in Treatment of Diabetes

The Intake of Insulin

Insulin cannot be taken orally in the form of pills as it is destroyed in the stomach. Insulin needs to be taken in the form of injections between the layers of muscle and fat with a small short needle. While a syringe is one of the most common ways of administering insulin, insulin pens too are readily available.

The novo pen has drastically improved the quality of life for people suffering from diabetes. Pens offer comfort, accuracy and convenience. One just needs to adjust the dose, insert the needle and push the button for the required insulin to be administered into the body.

Types of Insulin

Earlier, insulin was only available in its conventional form but now modern insulin is easily accessible to people. It is safer, convenient and physiological in nature. It is more predictable and has convenience and flexibility as it can be taken just before or after a meal.

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There are three types of insulin namely rapid acting, long acting and premixed. In India premixed is one of the most commonly used insulins. The doctor can tell you which insulin to use and in what dose. Do not switch to another brand or administer a dose without consulting with your doctor.

How to Inject

The injection is normally administered in the thigh area, the lower or upper arm and the tummy about two inches above the belly button. Injections administered in the tummy area act the fastest and the one administered to the thighs act the slowest. Although people are fearful of injections, most are surprised by how little an insulin injection hurts.

The Importance of Insulin

If insulin is not taken and diabetes is not controlled, it can lead to severe life threatening complications. These include kidney failure, stroke, heart disease, blindness, amputations and other conditions. These are all related to poor blood circulation. Early and appropriate use of insulin is vital in the treatment of diabetes. If you have type 2 diabetes and your blood sugar is slowly going up despite lifestyle changes, then it is time to start taking insulin. Insulin along with correct eating and exercise can pave the way for management of diabetes.