How To Choose Toys For Babies

How To Choose Toys For Babies

How To Choose Toys For Babies The market is overflowing with an array of toys for your baby. The options are aplenty and mindboggling to say the least. Before you succumb to the marketing gimmicks of toy companies do consider some vital safety aspects of the toy that you are purchasing lest you wind up with the wrong toy or a toy that is harmful for the baby.

Tips To Choose Toys For Babies

Age Appropriateness Of The Toy

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is whether the toy is age appropriate. This will enable our baby to enjoy and appreciate it. Even a baby who is more mature than his/her peers may want to play with an advanced toy but the toy may not necessarily be safe for him/her.

There is yet another disadvantage. Giving the baby a toy, which is not meant for him/her also, means that by the time the child reaches the actual age meant for enjoying the toy, he/she will be bored of it. Make sure you check the age listing of the toy. There is a range of ages mentioned. See if your child falls in this range.

Choose Toys For Babies

If your friend has the toy, try it out first and see how your baby responds to it. Does the baby play with it the way it is meant to be played or is it carelessly handled. The right toy will perfect your baby’s skills and not make it too challenging for him/her.


Toys need not be intellectually demanding. It is important that you baby has fun with them as well. Make sure that the toy is visually appealing and appeals to his sense of touch and hearing. Soft stuffed toys are cuddly for most infants.

A musical puppy will elicit happy gurgles from your child. A one year old can be given blocks, which will improve his/her manual dexterity and eye hand coordination. Books will develop social and language skills.

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The Safety Aspects

The safety aspects of the toy take precedence over everything else. Bikes, cycles and roller skates cause the maximum number of accidents. The toys should be sturdy and should not fall apart. The paint should be safe with a smooth finish and should not be peeling or chipping. The parts should be unbreakable.

The toys should require easy maintenance and cleaning like washing to prevent accumulation of germs. Choking hazards should be factored in. Small marbles, tubes, paper can be swallowed by the infant and he/she can choke on them. The weight of the toys should be less so that they do not hurt the child.

How To Choose Toys For Babies

The toys should not have a harsh and shrill noise that can cause deafness or hearing loss. They should have no strings, cords and ribbons which can strangle the child. Stuffed animals should have secure eyes, should be washable and should not be put together with wires.

Parents should also trust their gut instinct when it comes to the safety of their babies. If at all a child plays with a toy that is not age appropriate, make sure it is under constant supervision.