How To Choose The Best Cereal For Your Baby

How To Choose The Best Cereal For Your Baby

How To Choose The Best Cereal For Your Baby Baby cereal is the first form of food given to babies because of the simple fact that it can be digested easily and will most likely not cause any allergic reaction.

However, choosing a baby cereal is a serious decision and with an array of premade cereals available these days, it can be quite difficult to choose the best for you baby. The article will introduce you to some baby cereals that are not only highly nutritive, but also different in texture and taste.

Rice Cereal

You can make rice cereal for your baby by using either brown rice with water or by mixing rice powder with water. According to, plain brown rice, basmati rice or jasmine rice can also make excellent baby rice cereals. However, premade rice cereal is also available and all you need to prepare a premade rice cereal for your baby is to add some breast milk or water in it and feed the ready-made flakes to the baby.


Oatmeal is known for its high calcium, protein and fiber content. Ready-made oatmeal flakes are easily available these days. Just add some breast milk or formula and water to some oatmeal flakes and a delicious meal is ready for your baby. For making the meal even tastier for your child, mix some vegetables and fruits in the preparation.

Barley Cereal

Barley is highly nutritive cereal food and contains high amount of proteins, vitamins A and folate. Barley cereal is an excellent early solid food that can be introduced to the baby.

How To Choose The Best Cereal For Your Baby

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Premade Barley baby cereal is easily available in markets and health stores these days. You can also prepare it by boiling raw barley in water and then mixing the preparation with apple puree, sweet potatoes, a pinch of cinnamon or something else that the baby likes.

Baby Muesli

The cereal can only be introduced to the baby after nine months of age as it is a bit difficult to digest. Ready-made Muesli is easily available in grocery stores these days. Muesli is generally prepared as a mixture of rice, wheat and barley flour. Museli can be introduced to baby who is more than nine months of age and you can also mix bananas and apples while preparing the cereal.

Homemade Cereals

Preparing baby cereal at home is very easy and there is no need of purchasing pre-ground grains from the market. Although, most of the premade infant cereals available in stores are hundred percent pure but even if a little preservative has been added to cereals, it can cause harm to the baby. For preparing baby cereal, grind the cereal at home. By doing this, you will be able to exercise control over what is going in your baby’s bowl.

Buckwheat, barley, oats, wheat and rice are some cereals that are quite well received by babies. You may also create a combination of these grains for preparing what your baby needs. Just grind the whole grains into fine powder. Every time you need to prepare a meal for your baby, mix a tablespoon of the cereal with milk, puree or juice. All you need to make sure that your baby cereal preparations should be consistent and should not contains any lumps.