How To Choose Shrubs For Your Garden

How To Choose Shrubs For Your Garden

How To Choose Shrubs For Your Garden If you plan to start gardening, some of the items that may immediately come to your mind are annual flowers, lawn and perennial flowers. Along with these shrubs also plays a major role in filling the garden and are available in different colors, size and shapes.

Rather than ameliorating the beauty of a garden shrubs can also be used to provide privacy screens, property lines, plant beds, formal hedges, specimen plants, foundation plants etc. There different variety of shrubs such as compact, dense, dwarf, tall and evergreen shrubs available to meet the different requirements of a gardener. Only you need to choose the right shrub for the right area of your garden.

Choosing The Right Shrubs For Your Garden

Why and Where Do You Want the Shrubs

The first and foremost thing you have to decide is why do you want shrubs and where do you want to plant them. There can be many reasons to plant shrubs such as for creating a plant bed for appearance, to create boundary lines, to demarcate the pathways in the garden or to hide a compost pit at one side of the garden or to create a privacy screen to avoid a nosey neighbor. Also decide on the height of the shrubs required based on the purpose and check whether the areas you have chosen for planting shrubs are shady areas or sunny spots and select the shrubs accordingly. Determine where you need an evergreen shrubs and what should be the color of the leaves and flowers of the shrubs.

A deciduous shrub if planted as privacy screen will shed leaves in the winter and fails to serve the purpose, hence choose evergreen shrubs for creating privacy screens. Evergreen shrubs are available in different shades and will color your garden even in winter. Forsythia is a ten feet high growing shrub and it also produces bright yellow flowers. You should also consider the soil type, pH of the soil and climatic condition while choosing the shrubs. Boxweed and spirea are drought tolerant shrubs and the cold tolerant shrubs include blueberry and arborvitae. Lilac, snowberry and bay berry can be grown on alkaline areas.

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If you are planning to plant small to medium shrubs along walkways or patios, you must have time to trim and prune them in shape. Small or medium sized shrubs can also be planted along pool sides. While large shrubs can be planted close to the house for climate control in winter and summer, but if you are planting them too close to other plants, they may hinder the growth of other plants in the garden. This is because certain shrubs may even grow up to 10 feet high and it may shade other plants in the garden.

If you are planning to fill a slope area in your garden then prefer erosion control low growing shrubs that can improve the aesthetics of the garden like juniper. Flowering shrubs can add a variety of colors to the garden and shrubs like holly produces colorful berries in winter. If rhododendrons and azaleas are planted, then they will be the first to bloom after the winter and makes the garden very attractive.

Shrubs will last for many years, hence while choosing the shrubs ensure that you have considered all aspects of landscaping as well as other properties of shrubs.

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