How To Choose Eyeglasses

The debate between opting for an eyeglass and contact lens is always on. People continue to add lines in favor of each eye accessory. Nevertheless, eyeglasses still have an upper hand. Why? First, they can add the smarty and sincere touch to your personality, if you choose the right specs.

Choosing Eyeglasses

Tips For Choosing Eyeglasses

Secondly they safeguard your precious eyes, without posing the risk of contamination, if you choose the right specs. Finally, now that they are available in variety of frames and shapes, they can help you make a fashion statement, but if you choose the right specs.

So how to choose the right spectacles which will fulfill all the conditions above? Well! Just remember the pointers below:

Doctor’s Prescription- Mark it Important

Your doctor will prescribe you a particular lens with the appropriate power. If the thickness of the lens is more than usual, then choose a frame which camouflages it and is strong enough to bear the weight. Do not compromise on the functional aspect of an eyeglass for the beauty. However, we can always tweak it a bit.

Face Cut

Determine the shape of your face. Round shaped glasses suit a square face. Broad lens glasses suit a long face. Square or v-shaped glasses look great on round faces. And, every frame suits an oval cut face. Keeping the first point in mind, you can get the frame-best suited to your face– made with a high quality plastic or metal. This will keep the style quotient intact.

Face Cut

Health Issues

While choosing an eyeglass and its frame, brush up on anything you are allergic to. If you develop small boils due to a metal frame, then avoid that. If wearing a plastic frame isn’t acceptable to you, then get your eyeglass made in shape of a wayfarer by Ray-Ban. It looks really classy.

Health Issues

Some Other Tips To Get That Perfect Eyeglass

Always go for the highest quality lens from Bauch and Lomb or Essilor. Good quality material always lasts for a long time. Don’t hesitate in shelling out some extra money, as this is good investment, which you will not be making on a frequent basis.

Choose a frame which suits your age. You should not opt for an eyewear, which provides you three different temples attachable in one frame, if you are in your 50’s. It will project you as someone desperate to look younger. Choose one, which looks apt on you.

Choose a frame

Many people wear glasses to look sincere and sometimes studios. If you are buying the glasses only for this purpose, then you can adopt some really stylish frames like nerdy glasses (with neutral power of course!)

Some people find glasses a hassle. Get a chain attached to the temples, and free yourselves. Then it will be available to you all day long, thus allaying the fear of, it, getting misplaced.

While shopping for the eye glasses, always try on a number of pairs to get that perfect one. Its glass should fully cover your eye. The bridge between the lenses should not hurt you and its temples should be stylish.Eyeglasses hold the power of changing the dynamics of your face and personality. So choose wisely!