How To Choose Educational Baby Toys

How To Choose Educational Baby Toys

How To Choose Educational Baby Toys Toys are associated with babies since the day they are born. Whenever you go to the market leaving your baby at home, you invariably promise her/him a toy. Baby toys serve not only fun and entertainment for the babies but they educate them as well.

A child ‘s growth in the first year is really fast. She/he is observing, grasping and picking up every activity that goes around her/him. Children are curious by nature and they want to explore their surroundings from an early age. Educational toys can satisfy their curiosity if you choose educational baby toys according to the age and liking of your baby. Educational baby toys are those toys which stimulate a baby’s senses, her/his motor skills, problem solving skills, their vocabulary and language learning skills etc. They play an important role in baby’s overall development and enhance her/his knowledge in a better way.

Tips to choose Educational Baby Toys

Choosing Educational Toys for infants

Babies respond to all types of sounds at the start. You can buy rattlers, chimes or other sound making toys to familiarise them with different types of sounds. These toys stimulate the baby’s ability to differentiate between sounds and her/ his reactions will be in accordance to the sound. It also gives you an idea about the child’s hearing ability.

Babies are attracted to bright colours and will follow colourful toys with their eyes, so buy multicoloured and bright coloured toys to improve your baby’s visual perception. You can buy soft toys, coloured soft balls, teething rings etc.for an infant.

Choosing Educational Toys for Babies between Six to Nine months

When the baby is between six to nine months of age you can pick moving toys like a bus, car or moving dolls. Child is also learning to balance things at this time, you can buy building blocks and stacking rings of different shapes and colours. The child can play with bath toys when she/he is bathing. Pick toys in the shape of fruits or animals and birds to stimulate the baby’s identifying skills. Try to buy toys of different texture to improve the child’s sense of touch and feel.

Choosing Educational Toys for Babies between Nine months to One year

At this time you can introduce alphabetical blocks, different sized balls, and stacking rings, jigsaw puzzles of different shapes like squares, triangles, circles and rectangles. This is the most crucial stage to enhance the baby’s learning abilities. At this age you are preparing the child for preschool activities. You should introduce her/him to nature by buying gardening sets like a spade or a shovel. Give your baby a set of crayons and colouring books and let her/him play with colours. These educational toys will stimulate your baby’s imagination and improve her/his creative skills.


When buying educational toys for babies, you should not ignore the safety aspect. Buy good quality plastic or rubber toys to prevent your child from harmful chemicals.

When buying soft toys make sure that the toy does not lose its fibre. Fibres can cause breathing problems if it is inhaled or sucked.