How To Change A Baby’s Diaper

changing a baby's diaper

changing a baby's diaper Parenting a kid can be a daunting task and requires parents to learn something new almost every other day. While some tasks can be easily mastered, some take time and additional effort to get used to, and can be a pain in the neck for both the parents and the baby. And that is the extremely tiring process of changing a baby’s diaper.

Now what could be so hard about changing an infant’s diaper you may ask? Well, you will never know until you try it yourself. Changing a baby’s diaper requires attention and extra care to make sure that the procedure does not make your baby uncomfortable, and fray your nerves in the process.

Here are some essential tips for first time parents on how to change a baby’s diaper. Take these pointers into consideration and be amazed at how simple the process really is.

How to Change a Baby’s Diaper

Keep Everything Ready

One of the major reasons for messes while changing a baby’s diaper tends to happen when the necessary supplies are not within reach. You cannot predict your little one’s potty timings. So always be prepared for the same.

Keep some supplies in a box or basket that is within easy reach of the changing table. These include diapers, diaper covers, water proof pants, baby wipes, sanitizers, cotton, towels, talcum powder, pins etc. Make sure that you keep these supplies out of reach of your toddler though for he/she may chew on them if given the chance.

Changing His Mood

Babies tend to get irritated if their diapers get wet. And so, if your baby puts up a tantrum whenever his/her diaper gets wet, you need to make sure that you soothe him/her before attempting to change the diaper.

A irritable baby is very hard to deal with and can become quite fussy if you attempt to change his/her diaper. This can make the process all the more difficult and unnerving. So try to change his/her mood by singing songs, telling stories or giving him/her a toy he/she likes to play with. Take him/her to the changing table once he/she calms down a bit.

Washing your Hands

Always make it a point to wash your hands with a good anti septic solution both before and after changing your baby’s diaper. This is the only way you can thwart off infections and other unnecessary ailments that may harm your baby.

diaper change tips for parents

Disposing the Used Diaper

The first thing you would need to do after removing a soiled diaper is dispose of it properly before attending to your little one. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to leave him/her as he/she is and dispose of the diaper first.

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Rather, make sure that you don’t just drop the diaper onto the floor with the intention of picking it up later. Put the soiled diaper into a plastic bag (after folding and taping it) and seal it properly with tape. Keep the bag at the bottom of the table to take it away later.

Wiping the Area

The best way to wipe the diaper area is to use a baby wipe that is both soft and soothing on the skin. Alternatively you can use a soft piece of cloth (after wetting it) or cotton to wipe the diaper area. Wipe the area gently and be generous enough to use additional wipes to clean the area thoroughly.

Once you have finished wiping the diaper area, apply some powder to it to prevent rashes or infections that might arise due to dampness.

Putting on the New Diaper

In the case of new born babies, the umbilical cord may still not have fallen off. If so, then make sure that you put on the diaper and then fold it in such a way that the area around the umbilical cord is exposed and airy.

Don’t wrap the diaper too tight for it may cause discomfort to your little one and in the worst case scenario, can also cause rashes. The diaper needs to be wrapped in such a way that your baby can move freely about. The same applies for a cotton cloth as well.

That’s It! You are done!

Make sure to wash your hands after changing your baby’s diaper. Replace any safety pins, bottles or supplies that you might have taken from the basket for the process. And at the end of it all, don’t forget that plastic bag containing the soiled diaper at the bottom of the table.