How To Care For Acrylic Nails

How To Care For Acrylic Nails

How To Care For Acrylic Nails One of the latest trends in nail care is the use of acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are artificial nails and are popular among women who have short, stunted and brittle nails. They come in various styles, cuts and colours, keeping the customer’s tastes in mind.

These nails are a creative and fantastic way of lengthening your finger nails and adding an aesthetic appeal to your hands. They form an integral part of the diva’s beauty routine and are being aped by girls and women across different cities. Acrylic nails have been found to be useful among people who have a bad habit of biting their nails. They are a wonderful deterrent as the wearer cannot get at his original nails. These nails are tough and difficult to chew. Eventually the person gets rid of the habit.

Tips to Care for Acrylic Nails

These nails need basic care that one follows for normal nails. Try not to immerse them in water for too long when you wash them. Too much of moisture between the acrylic ail and the natural nail can cause an infection. To protect your acrylic nails make sure you wear rubber gloves to prevent the nails from getting spoilt. Application of acrylic nails and painting a good nail polish takes about 15-20 minutes at the parlour.

A manicure on acrylic nails should ideally be done after a shower. The nails are slightly soft and it becomes easier to remove the dirt that has gotten between your acrylic nails and natural nails.

Applying Nail Paint

Never apply more than two coats of nails paint. More than two coats will not only make it difficult to remove the paint from your acrylic nails but also prevent your nails from breathing. In order to brighten the look of your nail paint, always apply a base coat of nail polish. This also prevents the nails from looking dull.


Acrylic nails when not worn, should also be moisturized on a regular basis. This also prevents the nails from breaking. Moisture keeps the nail shine intact.

Perfumed Lotions

Don’t use perfumed lotions or creams on acrylic nails. They may react to the acrylic coating and spoil the nail.

Use of Nail Polish Remover

Don’t use nail polish remover too often on acrylic nails. This makes the nails too dry. Dry acrylic nails are more likely to break. A French manicure is the latest trend in nail care and has found a place for itself in the hearts of women around the globe. You can use this on your acrylic nails. It’s a great way to make your nails look chic and keep them looking prim and healthy. It has got a distinctive, classy and feminine style that looks good on acrylic nails.

French manicures also protect your acrylic nails as they only use a translucent base coat with white tips. Acrylic nails don’t need extensive care. With the above tips you can make them last and wear them for a long time. Decorate your acrylic nails with funky colours, glitter and dark nail polish and wear them with panache.

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