How To Breastfeed While Working

How To Breastfeed While Working

How To Breastfeed While Working Most new mums these days want to get back to their jobs as soon as possible. When you have a young infant in the tow, plenty of forethought is required before you take this big decision.

One of the most important dilemmas that new mums face is the act of juggling the demands of a job and breastfeeding the child. It is crucial that working mothers exclusively feed their babies for at least the first six months. This can be made possible with the help of the following tips.

How To Breastfeed While Working

Do Not Rush with the Bottle

The easiest way out for working mothers is to give a bottle to the baby. Not only does this create nipple confusion but also interferes with the mother’s milk supply. Breastfeed for as long as possible before you begin to introduce the bottle. This will take anywhere between four to six weeks.

Introduce the Bottle in Time

If you are planning to give your milk to the baby from the bottle, start soon after the first 6-8 weeks. Delaying will only make the baby develop a fondness for the breasts and make him/her resistant to try out the bottle. Babies who are hooked to their mother’s breasts rarely derive solace from a bottle. Start the bottle, making the baby take one bottle a day and then gradually increasing the number of bottles.

Get an Early Start at Pumping

Make sure you begin to pump early so that you get adept at pumping and are able to store at least 4-5 bottles of milk for your baby while you are at work. Most mothers need some practice at pumping to perfect the procedure. Pumping also takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes to produce one bottle of milk.

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Start Slowly

Offer to work only four to five days a week to see how you and the baby respond to the changed routine and environment. Babies too need to get used to their mothers absence and this takes time. A lot of them feel extremely stressed and distressed when the mothers are away at work. Do a couple of trial runs. That way you will get to know the associated pitfalls with your absence and you can nip them in the bud with some solutions on childcare.

Work Part Time

It is not necessary to work full time if money is not the criteria. Many women are opting for freelancing and part time jobs that allow them to work from home without neglecting the child’s well being. If your office is giving you such an option, grab it with both hands. Working at home can be mutually beneficial for both you and the baby. That way you will not have to miss any feedings, your baby will be within hearing distance and you do not have to put yourself through gruelling pumping sessions.

Eat Well and Look After Your Diet

If you plan to work and breastfeed, you will have to be doubly cautious about what you eat and consume. Giving the baby a bottle may interfere with your milk supply to some extent. In order to prevent this, eat a nourishing and nutritious diet rich in proteins, carbs, vitamins and carbohydrates.