How To Boost Babies Brain Development

Boost Babies

Babies need to be engaged and intellectually stimulated so that they grow up to be sharp and receptive children. The first thing to do is to play with the baby to enhance his/her intellectual capabilities. This can be done through the senses of touch, sound, smell, hearing and vision.

Tips To Boost Babies Brain Development

The Sense of Taste

Boost the baby’s sense of taste by offering the baby a wide assortment of foods with different flavours. Restrict the amount of fatty foods, sweets and chillies. Use salt sparingly.

Boost Babies

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The Sense Of Smell

Babies too have an enhanced sense of smell. Expose them to a wide variety of smells ranging from what is cooking in the kitchen, to flowers in the garden and the perfume you are wearing. Unless your baby is sensitive to odours, think of this as an opportunity for the baby to learn more and more about his/her environment.

The Sense of Sight

The baby’s sense of sight is minimal at birth and gradually improves with time. Research has shown that even small babies eagerly respond to visual cues like human beings, toys, bright colours and moving objects.

Babies Sense of Sight


They are also taken in by verbal and non-verbal cues. Decorate your child’s nursery with brightly coloured walls, patterned cot linen, books, murals on the walls, toys and baby furniture, which can serve to be a welcome sight. Many other toys can visually stimulate the baby.

Rattles and Mobiles

Babies are very fascinated with mobiles and rattles. A mobile should have figures hung directly in the line of the baby’s vision and his/her peripheral vision. You can also move a rattle to keep the baby engaged. Blow bubbles to the baby or take him/her to a pet shop and an aquarium to see the wide variety of fish.

Rattles and MobilesStationary Objects

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Stationary Objects

Babies spend a lot of time looking at stationary objects like geometric patterns or simple faces in black or white. Babies are also very fascinated with everyday objects.


Mirrors are delightful to young babies who are often mesmerized with their reflections. Most babies love to socialize with the baby in the mirror not realizing that it is they only. Use safe baby mirrors and hang them in the cot, crib or pram at a safe distance.

Babies Mirrors

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This is another great way of stimulating the baby. Babies love people and love to look at them. You should spend plenty of time in close proximity with the baby and stimulate him/her by playing interesting games.

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Show the child interesting books with brightly coloured pictures and drawings. The drawings should be clear and sharply defined. You can also point out the photos to the baby as he/she is seeing them.

Babies Books

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The World

Provide plenty of opportunities to the baby to also see the world and the environment in his/her pram or push chair. Take the baby to the mall or the park where there are other children. Let the child take in the smell and sound of traffic and other people. All of the above will greatly affect the intelligence levels of the child.