How To Blow Dry Hair

Blow Dry Hair

Blow Dry Hair A woman’s hair is considered as her crowning glory and there are many who spend days and even weeks obsessing about their hair. Blow drying is the method of drying hair using a blow dryer. With the hectic schedules, women have little or no time to dry their hair naturally. Although every hair stylist would warn you against it but blow drying is probably the easiest of not only drying your hair but also styling it perfectly.

Moreover unlike popular notion, blow drying does not leave your hair dry and limp. Instead with the right technique of blow drying you can easily get the right style and add volume to your hair as well.

The heat emitted from the nozzle of the blow dryer allows you to change the shape of your hair while adding volume and sheen to the hair. Unfortunately not many people know the right way of blow drying hair. This can lead to dry, damaged hair which seems extremely dull and lifeless. Knowing how to blow dry correctly is quite simple and often with a little practice you can dry and style your hair beautifully. Here are the step by step instructions on how to blow dry hair with ease and expertise.

Instructions on How to Blow Dry Hair

What You Need

To blow dry hair you will obviously first have to choose a blow dryer. There are many brands of blow dryer available in the market. However it is advisable to use a dryer that has multiple heat and airflow settings so that it is easier for you to choose the appropriate settings. Along with this you will need a good quality paddle brush, a wide toothed comb, large clips, moisturizing shampoos and conditioners along with hair serum. Towels will be needed to dry the hair.

Wash and Prepare your Hair

Before blow drying hair it is imperative that you wash and condition your hair. Styling freshly washed hair is easier than unwashed hair. You can use your regular shampoo that is suitable for your hair or choose a moisturizing shampoo that prevents dryness caused by blow drying. Make sure you condition your hair well after washing. A leave in conditioner works quite well while blow drying hair. Now gently towel dry your hair before you start blow drying it. It is important not to blow dry dripping wet hair as it can lead to excess moisture loss and hair dryness. Do not rub the towel too hard as the motion can cause hair loss and frizzy hair.

Once you have washed your hair and towel dried it, it is time to prep it. Apply some glossing serum on your hair and spread it from the roots to tips of the hair strands using a wide toothed comb. For thicker hair use creams and gels while for fine hair it is best to use a light hairspray.

Separate your Hair into Small Sections

Divide your hair into small sections and secure each section using hair clips. It is important to keep in mind that the bigger the sections the more time consuming and difficult it will be to style. Comb the sections and ensure that the hair is not tangled.

Blow Dry Hair

Loosen one section of the hair and then adjust the setting of the blow dryer. Ideally keep the heat on the low and airflow on high when using the dryer. Keep the settings on medium or low if you are blow drying for the first time. Use a paddle brush to hold your hair as you start blow drying from the roots of the hair to the tips. Ensure that you maintain a distance of at least six inches from the scalp. Now as you pull the brush through your hair starting from the roots to the tips shoot the hot air towards the roots of the hair and then slowly move downwards in the same direction.

How To Blow Dry Hair


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When you direct the heat downwards, the hair cuticles are flattened. This helps in adding sheen to the hair. For added volume, hold your hair upside down while blow drying. Do not shoot the heat on your scalp as it can lead to scalp dryness and even burns. Instead direct the nozzle towards your hair only.

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When using a blow dryer, keep a distance of at least four to six inches from the hair shaft. If the dryer is closer to the hair or you direct the heat too long on the same spot, then the hair is in danger of being scorched. Repeat the same steps for all the sections. For blow drying the hair straight direct cold airflow to the hair. This helps in sealing the cuticles and making the hair straight. If you want wavy hair, then twist the sections of hair and the blow dry. Leave your hair slightly damp to avoid frizziness and excess hair dryness after blow drying.

Apply Hair Serum

Finish off by applying some anti frizz hair serum or conditioner on your blow dried hair. This will aid in adding moisture to the hair shafts and prevent hair dryness later.. Do not apply too much serum else it will make your hair oily and heavy. If you have extremely fine or limp hair then it is best to skip this step altogether as it can make your hair extremely oily.

Blow drying helps in styling and adding volume to the hair. However, it is vital to keep in mind that too much blow drying can wreck havoc on your hair and make it extremely dry and brittle. Try to limit the number of times that you blow dry hair to around two to three times a week. If you have colored your hair recently then try not to blow dry it as it can make your hair extremely frizzy and brittle. This will help you flaunt your beautiful hair without having to damage your hair forever.