How To Become A Successful Parent In Five Ways

How To Become A Successful Parent In Five Ways

How To Become A Successful Parent In Five Ways Thinking from the other’s point of view or simply termed as empathy,is the one most important strategy to be followed by parents with their children.

The bondage that you can see between parents and children in different families can make you to understand the practical approaches of parenting your child successfully.

Irrespective of your family back ground , you are shouldered with the responsibility of nurturing your children in a proper way.  The one indication of this is your child ‘s freedom to express and share his or her opinions with you. A  family which has got this type of constructive communication and bondage between parents and children is a perfect example of successful parenting.

Bridge The Gap Of Communication

I have come across some parents who say that their children do not utter even a single word with them. According to many psychologists’ opinion, this is completely a wrong way of thinking.  As a parent, you should develop your self as a friend, mentor and a well wisher to your children but not like a dictator, the practice of which ruins the relation ship between the parents and children.

Try To Be A Role Model To Your Child

Being a parent, it is quite natural that you give suggestions to your children for their orderly behavior and contrary to this, check whether you are having a glass of wine in your hand and warning your son not to consume alcohol any more. Similarly, if both the parents are quarrelling like cats and dogs, no child on the earth can treat them as role models and some times, in such families the chances for children being eloped after reaching their teen age are very high.

Teach Your Child How To Deal With Responsibilities

Children very often do not like parents’ habit of assisting them while studying, following them to school, choosing their clothes out of their likes etc. By doing like this continuously, parents are giving more chances for their children to become lethargic and lazy. The consequences of this practice can make your children less productive in their studies and career as well.

Make Your Child To Mingle In Groups By Setting Code  Of Conduct

After all, man is a social animal and the need to be with the society is appreciated by many groups and your child is no exception here. Allow your child to play games, attend congregations at educational institutes and nurture voluntary behavior both at school and in the society. This practice can make every child to be socially active , thus inhibiting phobias and inferiority complex.

Code of conduct is to be told by parents to their children when they move in the society. However, this practice if followed frequently, children may neglect your suggestions. So choose the correct time and place to tell them the importance of societal behavior.

Small Gifts To Boost Enthusiasm

Children love to accept gifts from their parents and as a parent you should make it a habit to present them with their favorite dolls or bicycles or cartoons , books and the like,  for their small and big achievements.

Because presents are always pleasant.

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