How To Battle Loneliness After A Break Up

How To Battle Loneliness After A Break Up

How To Battle Loneliness After A Break Up When a long-term relationship comes to a screeching halt, it leaves you perplexed and agitated. The crashing down of a relationship forces you into the life of a single and you find it hard to come to terms with the fact that your relationship is dead and at the same time, battle the loneliness which engulfs you completely.

A broken heart brings with it a package of tumultuous emotions ranging from hurt, pain, anger, despair, lonesomeness and so on.

Battling loneliness which gets triggered once you break up with someone can give you a hard time. You might find yourself struggling to preserve your sanity while insane thoughts and depression cloud your mind. Loneliness, if not addressed at the right time, can trigger several other complications including depression, insomnia, addiction to harmful substances, etc.

Once you allow lonesomeness to settle in your mind, it acts as a catalyst for other negative emotions of insecurity, anxiety, etc. to feed and grow inside you. Soon you find yourself imprisoned by these negative emotions which grasp you into their dangerous clasp.

Broken heart takes time and patience to mend and it is natural to experience despair and sadness when you have to break up with someone whom you have loved dearly. Nonetheless you must not forget that you made a conscious choice while ending your relationship and self-pitying is not the right way to deal with it. Drowning yourself in loneliness and depression will not serve the purpose. This article examines ways and means which you can adopt to combat the feeling of loneliness and come out victorious from this phase.

Get Busy

The old adage that says that ‘an empty mind is a devil’s workshop’ is quite valid in this regard. If you don’t have any work to occupy you and engage your mind, negative thoughts and bad feelings will keep popping in your head. You will feel lonely and gloomy. It is a natural tendency of the human brain to dwell on negative thoughts if it is left free. It is advisable to keep yourself occupied in some task or activity which keeps you engaged and takes your mind off the miserable experiences of past.

Pamper Yourself

When you break up, it is natural to feel lonely because you don’t have someone to care for you and pamper you. So why not use your singlehood as an opportunity to treat and pamper yourself. You made the choice of singlehood of your own free will. Don’t let your present state of mind make you regret your choice in anyway.

How To Battle Loneliness After A Break Up

Indulge yourself in activities which you were not able to do when you were in a relationship. Care for yourself and spoil yourself with things you always wanted. You have been through a rough patch and you deserve to have some fun after it. Such indulgence will cheer you up and you will feel less lonely.

Catch Up on Old Friends

In order to combat the feeling of loneliness, you need to go out and socialize. Catch up on your old friends whom you were not able to meet when you were in a relationship. Organize a get-together of friends and share a good laugh over the memories of the gone by days. This is the perfect time to rekindle the fun and excitement and have an interesting day with your friends filled with gossips, laughs and margaritas. However, stay away from people who remind you of your previous unsuccessful affair or stir up unhappy memories.

In order to keep up with life and avoid lonesomeness, you need to kick out each and every source of negativity from your life. Avoid people who have the habit of passing nasty remarks or derive pleasure from hurting others. To keep lonesomeness at bay, get involved in activities like yoga or meditation which rejuvenate your senses and provide a calming experience. Watch cheery movies or listen to upbeat songs. Allow joy and mirth to fill the void inside you. Socialize as much as you can. When you are surrounded with people, loneliness will disappear.

You got out of the previous relationship because it was not right for you. This should not prevent you from getting into a new relationship or at least having some fun with causal flirting. Be open to dating avenues and little flirting. You might just find someone suitable and if you do, don’t hold back. This may be the beginning of a happy life with your beloved. Stay optimistic and cheery and life will be beautiful once again.

You might just find someone suitable for you and if you do