How To Bathe A New Born

How To Bathe A New Born

How To Bathe A New Born Bathing a new born can be a loving and delightful experience for a new mother and the baby as well, if she performs this task with little confidence and common sense.

Handling a wet, wriggling small baby is little difficult, but if you don’t get scared, you will certainly enjoy it. Giving baby a proper bath two or three days a week will be more than enough during initial months until your baby starts crawling around, provided you clean baby’s diaper area thoroughly after every bowel movement.

Also it is necessary to spot clean the areas that get dirty, sweaty and oily like skin creases, face, neck and diaper area on regular basis. While bathing your baby, make sure to collect everything you need like baby shampoo, washcloth, baby soap, cotton balls, cotton swab, hooded towel, clean clothes and diaper at once.

Sponge Baths

For the first or second week, until the baby’s umbilical cord falls off and the area heals completely, sponge bath is recommended. To give the baby a sponge bath, look for a place as bathing surface suitable for your height, like kitchen counter.

Gather all the supplies you will need to give a sponge bath to your baby beforehand, so that baby is not left unattended even for a second. Don’t take out baby’s cloth all at once and keep the baby covered with clothes as much as you can.

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First wash baby’s top half and keep the bottom half wrapped with a towel and then wash the other half of his body in the same way. Use lukewarm, moistened washcloth for giving him / her sponge bath.

Wash newborn’s face, chin area and area behind his ears with plain water. Now wash baby’s arm, chest and hands and also clean in between the fingers. You can use mild soap to clean these areas but make sure to rinse right away to avoid any kind of irritation or drying as baby’s skin is very delicate.

Using a wash cloth, wash baby’s back. Don’t rub vigorously. It will irritate baby’s gentle skin. Pat dry his upper body gently with a soft baby towel. Now thoroughly clean baby’s genital area both from the front as well as back as well as legs, feet and in between toes and pat dry with a towel.

Squeeze little water on the top of baby’s head using wash cloth to wash baby’s hair. If your baby is more than two weeks old, you can use a baby shampoo to wash his / her hair. Apply a bit of shampoo and massage the scalp gently. Dip a washcloth in warm water and remove all the shampoo.

Now dry your baby gently with a baby towel and dress him / her in clean clothes and fresh diaper. Breastfeeding your baby after bath will let the baby sleep for a long time.

Tub Baths

After the umbilical cord falls off, you can start giving your baby a tub bath. Use a small tub instead of full size tub. Fill the tub with lukewarm water up to 2 to 3 inches.

Undress your baby completely. Support his neck and head with one hand and slowly place him / her gently into the tub. Wash your baby’s front body with your other hand or using wash cloth.

Give proper support to baby’s armpit so that baby’s head remains out of water. Now wash as well as rinse the back portion of his / her body. When you finish, wrap the baby in a towel and dry him / her thoroughly to put on clean clothes and diaper.

While bathing, keep on singing or talking to your baby, so that your baby enjoys bathing.