How to Baby Proof Your Home

baby proof house

baby proof house  Babies manage to get around fast and some of their most sought after hideouts are the kitchen, bathroom and windows.
Scampering babies love the kitchen especially.

They love to open cabinets and head for utensils, spoons, forks and knives. The house is also potentially dangerous for a baby, who is not aware of the lurking dangers. Here are some tips to baby-proof your kitchen and other dangerous areas of the house.

Steps For Baby Proofing House

Latch the Cabinets

Attach child guard latches to all your cabinets to keep the baby from reaching out into them. This is especially true for cabinets, which harbour poisonous substances like cleaning liquids, insect repellents, and dishwashing liquids. Cabinets, which contain nuts, popcorn, peppercorns and other small things on which the baby can choke, should be stored separately in a secure cabinet, out of the reach of the baby. If your baby figures out how to unlatch the cabinets, you will have to simply store all products out of his/her reach or make a kitchen barrier to prevent the baby from getting inside.

Cupboard for Baby Entertainment

Place a makeshift cupboard in the baby’s nursery with an assortment of plastic pots, cups, spoons and plates. Include a few steel ones as well. The baby can happily bang and clatter them around. This will happily satisfy his/her curiosity and permanently keep her out of the kitchen.

Cooking Utensils

Make sure the handles of cooking utensils on the stove are turned towards the back where the baby cannot reach or get to them. Keep cookers and utensils on the back burners and attach some form of barrier on the stove controls where the baby cannot reach them.

baby proofing

Oven knobs can be protected with guards or oven covers. An appliance latch will keep conventional microwaves out of reach of the baby. Dishwasher doors should be secured well so that the baby cannot get his/her hand on sharp knives and forks.

The House Tables Countertops

Never make the baby sit on a  counter top and tables while you are working especially if the counter has electrical appliances. The baby might put its hand in the pin bowl, a knife in his/her mouth when you are not looking or touch a hot pot.

Hot Liquids

Never leave hot liquids, water and soups at the edge of the table where the baby can get at them. Keep rolls of foil, cling film and parchment paper secure and away from the reach of the child. These can cut the child’s fingers.

Refrigerator Magnets

Keep refrigerator magnets, which tend to be tiny away from the reach of the child. These can prove to be choking hazards.

The Rubbish Can

The dustbin or garbage tin should be kept away in a door under the kitchen sink where the child cannot get to it. The dangers of rummaging with rubbish are many from spoilt food to broken glass.

The  Floors and Buckets

Make sure all the house buckets are empty after use so that the child cannot get to them. Young babies are known to drown even in buckets. Wipe all spills off the kitchen floor so that the baby does not slip on them.