How To Avoid Yeast Infection In Babies

Yeast Infection In Babies

Your dear one is the most important part of your life. A small baby is the most precious possession that a mother has since its birth. She takes all the precautions to see to it that the baby is not touched by any diseases and leads a healthy and normal life.

But sometimes rashes are seen under the nappies of the babies. These ugly rashes make the child uncomfortable and irritable. These are, in fact, yeast infection or Candida that normally occur in babies.

Yeast Infection In Babies

A yeast infection is frequent and normal in babies and should be treated with home remedies. But an infection which goes on increasing creates more complications and discomfort to the child. This has to be treated on as soon as possible basis.

Causes of Yeast Infection

It can be caused due to contact with unclean surface.
Wet diapers are the common causes of Yeast infection.
The antibiotics taken by mother may be another cause.
External diseases can be make the child weak in its immunity.
A Faulty diet of the baby can lead to the infection.

How To Avoid Yeast Infection

1) The very first step to avoid infection is to keep cleanliness in the house as well as while handling the baby. See to it that the diapers are changed frequently. Always keep a fresh stock of diapers ready for changing.

2) Try to use Diaper creams which are available in the market. These creams create a barrier between the skin of the baby and the wetness. They are especially useful during night time when the baby wets his/her diapers frequently.

3) Before putting on a new diaper use wet wipes and baby powder patting the area dry. See to it that no wetness remains near the genitalia of the baby.

Yeast Infection In Babies

4) Avoid tight diapers as they may trap the moisture leading to yeast infection. The diapers should be comfortable to the child as well as good for air circulation.

5) Never let the baby chew on something that is not clean as it may lead to yeast infection of the mouth commonly called as thrush.

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6) Another step to avoid thrush is to properly sterilize and clean the feeding bottle before it is prepared. An unclean or unwashed bottle is an invitation for yeast infection.

7) Also make sure that the bed and other clothes used by the baby are kept clean daily. They too have to be sterilized so as to avoid yeast infection. These clothes should be washed and ironed every day.

8 ) Remember that your baby is still immune to the slightest infections surrounding him/her and as such keep the room tidy and clean. Also see to it that you handle him/her with clean hands.

9) A proper diet should be given to the baby and the mother in order to keep them healthy and increase their immunity towards diseases.

10) Have the baby vaccinated against all diseases and periodical timetable of vaccination should be followed strictly.

11) Never let a sick person come close in contact with the baby. Also see to it that you don’t visit a sick person taking the baby with you.

12) Always sterilize the toys and things that are frequently used by the baby.

Keeping the above considerations, one can say that yeast infection in babies can be avoided to a great extent. Even after taking these precautions the yeast infection persists, then proper medical opinion should be taken from a pediatrician or a child specialist for the cause of the infection.