How To Apply Right Makeup After 50 To Minimize Wrinkles

Right Makeup After 50 To Minimize Wrinkles

Makeup can do wonders. It plays a very important role in a woman’s life. With makeup everybody gets a chance to look their best at any age . One must keep in mind that proper care of skin is very important factor before knowing how to apply right makeup after 50 to look younger and completely flawless. With advancing age, wrinkles appear and they make you look older. You can minimize them by following the right way of applying makeup.

Wearing too much makeup will not help you look younger. The lesser the makeup you apply, the younger you look. One must have right makeup tools and good quality products to apply makeup to get the younger look at 50 and hide your wrinkles. By applying right make up you look much younger and beautiful than your age. If you don’t know how to apply right makeup you would end up looking older than your age. To minimize wrinkles and fine lines you must follow the right way of using the products. It is advisable that you should revise your makeup style which you had when you were younger. Revising your make styles would help you learning more about what kind of makeup goes with your age.

Proper Makeup Tools

Without proper makeup tools you cannot do right makeup. The flexibility of your skin loses as you age. Good quality brushes helps to blend and shade your skin properly. Applicators which you get along with your products don’t help you much as they are generally of inferior quality. One can use disposal sponges as they are oil-free and helps in preventing the skin from any kind of bacterial infections. Proper makeup tools help you applying proper makeup as they help in spreading the makeup evenly all over your skin. If you are unable to blend your makeup the wrinkles would look more prominent. Your makeup looks graceful only if it is well blended and for this having good quality makeup tool kit is a must.

Using a Foundation

Foundation To Minimize Wrinkles

Use a darker foundation than your normal skin tone as it will help you to hide your wrinkles and fine lines easily. Don’t apply too much foundation as it will highlight your wrinkles when it dries. One must keep the foundation very natural. You can mix a little moisturizer to your foundation. With the help of your fingers put it all over your face nicely and then with a help of a brush spread it evenly so that no extra foundation is left on your face.

Choosing a right foundation which would best suit your skin is a problem. First of all you should choose a foundation with sunscreen as it will help you protect your skin from the sun rays. One must choose a foundation which has some chemical products in them which help you to reduce and cover up those areas properly which make you look older. One must choose a proper colour of the foundation and its blending should be perfect.

Say “No” to Powder

Powder To Minimize Wrinkles

As you age your skin starts becoming dry. It loses its moisture. Applying a lot of powder is a solution for your oily skin when you were younger but now as you have become older the moisture of your skin decreases. The skin becomes already dry and putting powder will make your skin look drier and reveal your wrinkles.

If you really want to put powder just put it around your chin and nose as these areas are comparatively oily than rest of your skin. Putting too much powder after 50 will make you look older. When the powder you apply settles down, it will make your face look dry. Powder is said to have absorption power which will make your wrinkles prominent.

Choosing a Lipstick

Shinny Lipsticks To Minimize Wrinkles

Anything looks good when you are young. Colouring your lips with pink, red, and shinny lipsticks and glosses will not make you look any younger. You can choose dark colour shades of your lipstick like shades of browns and maroons. Use a matte lipstick and put moisturizer on your lips before you put a lipstick. Moisturizer will help in reducing dryness. It is advisable not to apply lip liners. If you really wish to apply liner just choose a natural colour. Stop applying coloured and shimmery lip glosses as there is a probability of them to settle on the wrinkles and lines which surround your lips.

Colouring Your Eye Lids

Eye Lids To Minimize Wrinkles

Choose shades of browns for your eye lids. Avoid using colours like blue, black and grey. Don’t use matte eye shadows as it will make you look older. Using a little shimmer would make your eyes look bright. Your eyes will look younger. If you wish to apply eyeliner choose a light coloured liner as it will make your eyes look younger and your eyes would appear to be bigger than the actual size.

Stay Hydrated

Drink Water To Minimize Wrinkles

Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day. It helps you to reduce signs of aging. If your skin is well hydrated it will look younger and wrinkle-free .Using a good moisturizer also helps you to reduce dryness. Wrinkles become more prominent when there is lack of hydration. When there is proper hydration it becomes easy to blend makeup otherwise you will have to rely a great deal on artificial hydration like moisturizers and other creams to make your skin have a glowing appearance.

With increase in age your makeup styles should be altered from time to time. One must be really careful about which products to use and how to apply them in a right way so that it minimizes wrinkles and fine lines. Everyone wishes to look their best but while you are in process of this goal of looking good you overlook certain important aspects of it like right way of putting makeup. Putting too much makeup would make you look older than what you actually are. Just follow the above mentioned simple and right ways of doing makeup after 50 and look much younger!

Apply Right Makeup After 50 To Minimize Wrinkles