How To Apply Natural Eye Makeup

Ways To Apply Natural Eye Makeup

While bold and bright colors may be attractive for night outs and parties, most people tend to stick to natural makeup during the day especially in office. Moreover if you want to sport bright, bold lips then you will need to keep your eye makeup, simple, natural and clean.

Natural eye makeup looks great on everyone be it a teenager or a mature woman. It may look simple but applying beautiful natural eye makeup can be actually quite daunting. To craft the right natural eye makeup look you need to select the right colors and adopt the correct technique of eye makeup. Here is how you can apply natural eye makeup with ease.

How to Apply Eye Makeup for a Natural Look

Choosing the Right Eyeshadow Color

Eyeshadow Color For Natural Eye Makeup

There are various shades and types of eyeshadows available in the market. The most popular are powder and cream eyeshadows in various shades. You can get single eyeshadows or a palette containing three or four complimentary eyeshadow shades.  This includes a highlighter, an all over lid color, an outer and crease color. If you want a simple, natural look then opt for neutral warm eyeshadow colors like brown, gold, peach, light pink and taupe. Avoid cool colors like blue or green which are more suited for festive occasions. Before applying the eye makeup clean your lids and apply an eyeshadow primer. If you are using an eyeshadow palette then apply a light eyeshadow shade from the lash line to the brow bone. Now select the slightly darker shade from the palette and apply it over your lids. Use the darkest color from the eyeshadow palette on the outer V and the crease of your lids. Blend the edges to remove any harsh lines.

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Applying the Eyeliner

Eyeliner For Natural Eye Makeup

Once you are done with applying the eyeshadow apply a neutral shade of eyeliner like black or brown on your lash line. You can either use a liquid liner or a pencil liner. While pencil liners are quite easy to use, applying a perfect line using a liquid eyeliner can be quite tricky. One of the best ways of applying liquid eyeliner is by applying small dots on the lash line and then connecting them to make a straight line. Apply the eyeliner based on the shape of your eyes. If you have smaller eyes and want to elongate it then apply liner to only half across the top and then flick at the outer edge to create cat eyes. For larger eyes you can apply the liner close to the lash line. Finish up by applying black or brown mascara on the tips of your eyelashes and shape your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Once you are done with the eye makeup then apply a light colored blush on your cheeks and use light tinted lip gloss or a sheer lipstick to complete your natural makeup. When opting for natural eye makeup remember that less is more so instead of trying to go overboard keep things simple and beautiful.

How To Apply Natural Eye Makeup