How To Apply Mascara In Simple Steps

How To Apply Mascara In Simple Steps

How To Apply Mascara In Simple Steps Mascara helps your eye lashes stand out and adds a volume to them. It makes short eyelashes appear longer and more attractive. Though mascara application is not a cumbersome process, yet you need to know the right way to apply it.

Being a liquid-based cosmetic product, it needs practice to don it rightly and most of us do not know how to do that. Here, we are going to tell you the steps of applying mascara to upper and lower eye lashes.

Steps of Mascara Application

Mascara should be applied in the end when you are all done with your face and eye makeup. To stat with, bind your loose hair in a bun. Now, take an eyelash curler, warm it a little bit. Bring the curler close to your upper lashes and grab them all. Do it with care and avoid hurting your eyes. After a few seconds, release the curler. This helps in giving a slanting shape to your straight lashes. Be sure to use it before the mascara application, as, otherwise, mascara-coated lashes will get trapped in the curler and would be torn.

Now, with the help of an eyelash comb, ease out any limps formed by the curler.

If you are using a hand mirror, bent your head over mirror instead of looking straight through it. This helps in giving the full vision of your lashes (from root to the tip). Before applying, drain off the excess mascara stick to your brush onto a paper towel. Start mascara application from the root of the lashes; wiggle from side to side to cover a bunch of them together and then sweep in the outward direction. Repeat the process until you are done with all the lashes. Instead of side to side wiggling, you can also cover by using a single stroke from bottom to the top.

Let the mascara dry up completely. Apply a second coat if you want a more thickening look. Avoid blinking of eyes and don’t let your hand shake too much. This comes from practice only.

mascara application to cover the lower lashes too. You need only a thin coat for them; avoid overdoing. As these are smaller in size, it is better to keep the mascara brush in a 90 degree position and coat the lashes with its tip. This requires minimum movement of the brush. In order to avoid your facial skin from getting coated with it accidentally, keep a tissue paper just below the lower lashes. Do not cover the entire lower lashes with mascara; start from the middle.

You can sort out the clumps by using the lash comb once again. In case, your mascara melts down to your face, wipe it with baby oil.

If not done carefully, mascara application can leave you with scratches and injuries. So, be cautious. Using mascara applicationgives the best results and clings to the lashes for long. Before applying, you can use a mascara primer to keep the lashes separate form each other. Instead of clinging to black and brown shades, you can also try the colored ones.

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