How To Apply Makeup

Makeup tips

Makeup tips There are so many times when we see women looking flawless or downright gorgeous just because they make good use of makeup. However, when it come to ourselves, we feel nervous about using products on ourselves, because one mistake in makeup can often make or break a look.

Skin type, skin color and face shape, all matter. Often, the same kind of makeup does not suit every woman. Here is some knowledge to help you find your look and how to go about it.

Tips For Applying Makeup

Skin Type

Determine if your skin type is normal, oily, dry, or combination. You can go to a skin expert for an analysis if you are not sure and then buy your products accordingly.

Skin Tone

The color of skin varies all over the world, but falls under four basic categories. Choose the color of your makeup according to your skin color, especially foundation. Fair skin has a pink undertone and looks good in pastels, peaches, pinks, and all browns.

Fair/medium skin has a yellow undertone and looks good in blues, reds and purples. Medium skin color has an olive undertone and looks good in all neutral shades, darker purples and blues as well as light pinks, gold and apricot. Dark skin color has a brown undertone and goes with rusts, berries, burnt oranges, and neutral colours.

Face Shape

Different face shapes demand different ways of applying makeup. Bold makeup looks good on a round face, so use red or shiny pink lipstick. Lots of dark blush, will help the face look less round. Dark eye shadow helps too.

Different Makeup Tips for different face shapes

A heart shaped or oval face has high cheekbones and a narrow chin, lipsticks should be bolder on the lower lip. Softer shades of eye shadows also help in drawing attention to the lower part of the face. For a square face, attention should be kept away from angular contours, so avoid dark shades.

Now that you understand what products you should use, what colors you should wear and which parts of your face to highlight, lets look at a step-by-step process of putting on makeup.

Clean Your Face

Rid all dirt from your face and neck. Remove previous makeup if any. According to your skin type, choose a cleanser. Alternately, you can dip a cotton ball in coconut oil and wipe your face.

Oil Free Moisturizing

Unless you have very dry skin, moisturize your face with an oil free and water based moisturizer. Makeup will last for a lesser amount of time if there is oil in the skin.

Choose Foundation Wisely

Makeup Tips

The next step is to apply foundation. Be very careful while choosing your foundation. It has to match your skin color perfectly. Before buying, apply some on your inner wrist or your jawline. Remember, foundation has to match your face and neck both.

Apply the foundation with the help of a wet makeup sponge and blend it into your face and neck as evenly as possible. It should not be patchy at any cost or it might look like you are wearing a mask. Avoid applying foundation around the eyes and the eye lids because the skin there is very sensitive.

Concealing Your Flaws

Invest in a good concealer to tuck away any black or red spots. Apply the concealer on top of the spots and not around them, so that they do not get highlighted. You can even cover dark circles with your concealer. Be very sure that the color of your concealer and the color of your foundation are an absolute match. If you don’t have a concealer, you can also use beige powder.

Loose Powder

Makeup Tips

To even out all the layers, apply some loose powder all over your face. This will form a smooth surface on your skin.

Add Color To Your Eyes

Choose two contrasting shades of eye shadow, one dark and the other dark. Choose the colors according to your skin color. Start with the darker color from the top lash line on your eye lid to the crease. Start applying the lighter color from the crease in your eye lid till the brow bone. Make sure they both blended properly.

Define Your Eyes

Line the contours of your eyes with an eye liner. Apply the liner on two-thirds of your top lash line and one-third of your bottom lash line. Applying a light colored liner towards the inner part of your lash lines, top and bottom, can make your eyes look bigger.

Mascara For Fluttering Lashes

Makeup Tips

Use a lash curler to curl your lashes. Now apply one coat of mascara to the lashes in one sweep and allow them to dry. For more drama, apply another coat. Choose the colour according to the look you are aiming for and color of your skin. Brown and black mascara are most popular.

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Highlight Your Cheek Bones

To get a naturally tanned look, sweep a bronzer over your face and neck, or just your cheek bones and t-zone. However, if your skin tone is fair, a bronzer might not look good. A peaches and cream look will be better. For that, apply some blush lightly over your cheek bones.

Doll Up Your Lips

Choose between your eyes and your lips. If you have made up your eyes heavily, then keep your lips neutral. Use a sheer gloss or a nude color and keep it simple. Go for bolder colors only if you have kept your eyes simple. If you do apply bolder colors, remember to define the shape of your lips with a lip liner. However, remember that the color of the lip liner should never be darker than the lipstick itself.

Makeup Tips

Apply makeup in a light that is as much like the light you will be seen in. For instance, on a bright, sunny day, put makeup in very bright light. Makeup is about highlighting your good features and hiding your flaws. So never do more than what is needed. Having said that, experiemnt with your looks and have fun!