How To Apply Makeup For Work

One of the hardest parts of any makeup routine is getting the right look for the occasion. And when it comes to the workplace, the issues increase manifold. For in a workplace scenario, you need to make sure that your makeup is neither too loud that it projects you in the bad light nor too subtle to make you go unrecognized.

Makeup For Work

So how exactly can you go about applying makeup for the workplace? Simple. Just follow your instincts and trust your better judgment to help you out. And if you still seem to have some confusion in getting it right, here are some expert tips to help you out.

Tips To Apply Makeup For Work

Foundation Concerns

Many working women out there claim that they do not apply any foundation when they head off to work. And even while they say this would be the best way to keep the look somber and simple, I beg to differ.

A little bit of foundation never hurt anyone. And if you think it is going to be a hard day at work (with absolutely little or no time for you to touch up your makeup at regular intervals in between), it pays to apply some extra foundation to keep your makeup on for the entire day.

Of course that doesn’t mean you need to look all caked up. Choose a foundation that is long lasting and matches your natural skin tone. Powder foundations work better when compared to liquid ones and can be dabbed on after you apply some moisturizing lotion on your face.

Foundation Concerns

Better Not Blush!

It is considered best to avoid applying blush on your face when you head off to work. Best suited for parties and other unofficial occasions, the blusher would inhibit that professional look you want to project.

Rather than the blusher, opt for a highlighter that you can apply on your cheeks to make them stand out. Don’t go for shimmery highlights. Rather, choose solid, somber hues (bronze or flesh ones work best) that can give definition to your cheeks without making them stand out alarmingly.

Better Not Blush

Eye Makeup

When applying makeup for work, you need to make sure that your eyes remain the focal point of your entire face without necessarily caking up the same with eye liner and mascara.

Opt out of bright, colorful eyeliners and go for ones that come  in hues of black, brown, gray or deep blue for a solid and yet dignified impact. Don’t apply a thick coat of eyeliner over your eyes.

Rather, make sure that you draw the line as close to the lashes as possible. This would make your eyes look naturally beautiful instead of overdone. When it comes to the lower lash line, you can opt for a white, black or brown eye pencil to draw a thin, firm line up to three fourths of the length. This would give off a subtle and yet chic effect.

Apply a thin coat of mascara on your lashes before stepping out. Water proof mascara is considered best for the workplace where you would need to work for long hours without any rest whatsoever. Choose one that is both long lasting and effective in keeping your lashes stiff and beautiful.

Eye Makeup

Lip Makeup

The best lip colors for the workplace are those that come in hues of cream, vanilla, bush, flesh and other neutral tones so that your lips don’t look too jarring at work. Make sure that you opt for a long lasting lip colorthat stays on your lips for long hours without smudging.

Alternatively, you can dab a small amount of lip gloss onto your lips sans the lip color. Stay away from shimmery or very bright glosses that could look very inappropriate for the workplace.

Lip Makeup