How To Apply Foundation For A Flawless Look

How To Apply Foundation For A Flawless Look

How To Apply Foundation For A Flawless Look Every woman yearns for that perfect beautiful, flawless skin. However all of us are born with or acquire facial blemishes and uneven skin tone over a period of time. A foundation helps in camouflaging the skin imperfections, provides you with an even skin tone and gives you the perfect canvas for your makeup.

However to get that flawless look, it is important to choose the right type of foundation and apply it perfectly. When applied incorrectly foundation can make you look like a white ghost. It is thus important to know how to apply foundation correctly. Here are the steps that will guide your way to applying foundation correctly.

Choose the Foundation

This is an extremely crucial step and it is vital that you chose the right foundation that matches your skin tone and type. There are different shades of foundations, suitable for every skin type. To choose the right foundation shade and type you should try out the foundations at different cosmetic counters to ensure that you get one that perfectly matches your skin tone. Instead of trying out the foundation on your hand, apply a strip of the trial foundation on your jaw line. Ideally the foundation should blend completely with your skin.

Along with the shade you also need to check the texture of the foundation. Foundations are available in cream, liquid and powder texture. People with oily skin should ideally stick to powder foundations while dry skinned people can opt for liquid and cream foundation types. Along with this some foundations are especially made for people with sensitive skin or have additional factors like sun protection or anti ageing formula.

Clean and Moisturize your Face

Start by cleaning your face properly using a foaming cleanser and then follow up by applying some moisturizer and a sunscreen to your face. This will help in keeping your skin hydrated and enable you to blend the foundation properly into your skin. Some people also prefer using face primers which allow the foundation to stay on for a long time. Once you have moisturized your face and applied the primer, keep it on for some time. Now using a tissue wipe off the excess moisturizer from your face. If you have dark circles under your eyes or deal with excessive facial blemishes then use a concealer to camouflage before applying the foundation.

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Applying Foundation

Foundation can be applied using a sponge, foundation brush or with your fingers. While application with a sponge is usually preferred as blending the foundation becomes easy with this method, it can also often lead to wastage. In contrast to this makeup with foundation brush is easy and this method does not lead to any product wastage. If you are not used to applying foundation then it is best to use your fingertips for application. This method helps in spreading and blending the foundation properly as the heat from your fingers melt the foundation and make the application easier.

Place a small amount of foundation on your hands and using a sponge or your fingers apply to the center of the face, the jaw line and the forehead. Blend the foundation outwards towards the hairline. Make sure that you blend properly so that the foundation vanishes completely into your skin. Pay special attention to tricky areas around the mouth, chin and nose where the foundation usually settles down.

Finish up your foundation makeup by applying some loose powder. This will set the foundation and not make your skin look too chalky or oily. Some women are very hesitant about using a foundation. However this great makeup tool helps in giving your skin a uniform color and flawless look and with practice you can soon apply foundation like a professional.