How To Answer 4 Important Questions Of Your Child

How To Answer 4 Important Questions Of Your Child

How To Answer 4 Important Questions Of Your Child Parents do only two things very commonly to their children. If one is pampering, the other is disciplining them. Parents condition their children that, I know all and you know nothing. This practice being followed by parents from generations makes every child to think that he is invaluable to the world.

Children grow by observing and learning many things from their parents. In the process of their growth, they develop their brain by questioning and receiving answers from their parents. Raising questions is a quite natural phenomenon that happens while they are growing. But as a parent, do you really receive the sensible meaning of your child’s doubts or questions.

Of course, many parents do not heed any attention to their child’s queries with an opinion that, after all a kid, who does not know what to talk and what to ask. You are taking a reverse turn at this moment itself, by putting a full stop to your child’s progress.  Think wisely for a moment to find ground realities of your child’s development the reflection of which is only the questions that he raises.

Give Reasoning Answers

If your child asks you, mom I love my pup and why I don’t have four legs like my loved one. Hope fully many moms answer to this question by saying that pup is an animal and you are a human being. Still, your child is not satisfied with your incomplete answer and puts the same question to you repeatedly because of which you even might have slapped him so that he will be mum from now.

Here, to make your child happy, you can tell him that we can get only the things that we should have, but not of everything or everybody whom you like or love. Answers of this type can make your child find reasons for many of his limitations that are natural like comparing with friends for toys, dresses, cosmetics, food and many more.

Explore Your Child’s Intelligence

Does your child wonder to find how a robot works and why a robot does not eat food as we all do. In such a situation, give enough time for clarifying his doubt till he understands by telling him simple and small word answers  that robot is a machine and so its battery charging is the only food that it will work with.

  How To Answer 4 Important Questions Of Your Child

Next time you will be amazed when your child says to you, that I am not a machine and so I am feeling hungry. Like wise for every doubt of your child, give answers in such a way that his brain functions towards analyzing the differences between man and a machine.

Teach Your Child How To Observe

Many parents give a deaf ear to their child’s observation. For instance, you might have gone to a zoo park by taking your child. Your tiny tot might be surprised to see the animals there in cages and wants to get answers from you to find out why can not they move like us freely. The list of the questions that your child puts to you may not be interesting to you. This is a negative motivation to your child and he stops to enjoy beauty of the nature.

Observing people around us, the nature, of which we are a part, are the two interesting things for any one. If your child too is a kind of this category, nurture his way of observation every where. Because, children who observe more tend to develop sharp brains.

Patience and perseverance are the two qualities that every parent should have to solve the queries of your child for which you need not do any research.

Breed Self Esteem

Many of your child’s deeds need not be perfect. To achieve perfection in what they do, parents should always give them acceptable suggestions, instead of criticizing them for doing bits and pieces of a task. One of your small duties like even bushing teeth can be a huge project for the little age of your child.

Kids always love to follow positive guidance from parents and the converse is also true. So, be extra cautious to check what type of a parent you are. The environment that parents create at home for the child is the first foundation for your child to develop self esteem.