How To Add Freshness And Excitement To Your Relationship

Ways To Add Freshness And Excitement To Your Relationship

Love is the very basic emotional need of every living being on earth. Hence people get married and find life partner to share their rest of life with. Life partner then becomes a very indivisible part of his/her life. Every relationship is based on trust, honesty, love and understanding.However, being committed to someone and following that commitment has become very challenging these days. Ego, Stubbornness, rigidity cause irrecoverable harm to relationships. People do get bored or irritated after spending some considerable time together with their spouse. Then even very trivial things cause disputes and arguments between couples. The habits or weaknesses of partner once appreciated slowly become irritating. This results in separation forever and consequently divorce.The beginning days of marriage are like floating on air with feathers. Every flaw or fault of partner is either ignored or accepted. But as the days and years pass by, the same flaws cause annoyance to another. The relationship between couples soon becomes a monotonous routine. This loses charm of the relationship and then they both find it very difficult to cope up. Then how to bring freshness to the relationship so that it will last longer?

Here Are Some Easy Tips To Add Freshness And Excitement To Your Relationship

Spending Quality Time Together

Many a times it is observed that the couple frequently goes on date before marriage but after marriage this frequency decreases drastically. And then either of spouses complains about not giving time to him/her. Do not change your behavior after marriage. Keep in mind that even if after marriage the partner is all time available to you at home; he/she too needs your quality time. So don’t ignore this fact. Spend some quality time together every day. May be going for a walk or having breakfast/dinner together. Remember that relationship is not to be maintained only on weekends or holidays. Don’t give excuses of your work or business for not giving time. Even 30 minutes to 1 hour daily quality time is sufficient to make your partner happy. Also being together means enjoying or conversing together with eye to eye contact and with full attention. Watching TV or reading a book or doing any activity while talking is not quality time.

Spending Quality Time Together

Say “I Love You” Frequently

Everyone wants to be loved and being expressed in words! Saying “I Love You” frequently to your spouse works miraculously. Let your partner know that you still love him/her and you care for him/her. Try to recollect when you had said “I Love You” to your spouse? Some might say that what is the need to say it after marriage? But believe it or not these magical words have tremendous effect on human mind. Psychologically you feel loved and this is the best feeling in the world!

Say “I Love You” Frequently

Tender Loving Physical Touch Works Wonders

Love can also be expressed through hugging, holding hands together or kissing. This makes your partner feel loved and secure. It may not always lead to sex; but even if it does then it strengthens the bonding between the couple. But don’t ever take your partner for granted. Respect his/her wish before going ahead.

Tender touches

Give Pleasant Surprises

Imagine how wonderful it feels when you receive a surprise gift from your spouse or any relaxing vacation is offered to you as a pleasant surprise. This gives relaxation from daily routine and worries. Such pleasant surprises give very soothing feeling and help to strengthen your bond of love!

pleasant surprise

Avoid Any Disputes, Arguments And Quarrels.

Every person as an individual is different. Everyone has his own opinions and views. They are bound to have differences. Accept it. If something about your partner irritates you then talk to him/her gently. Tell him/her your concern in calm voice. Don’t scold or raise your voice. It is not going to help. Also ensure that you discuss your issues in privacy not in front of people. After all relationship is about understanding and protecting each other.

Avoid disputes

Following these tips will surely add a charm to your relationship and will last longer…!Start long lasting happy healthy relationship with your partner!:)