How And When To Talk To Kids About Pregnancy

How And When To Talk To Kids About Pregnancy

Usually when kids attains the age of three or four years, they start developing curiosity about various aspects of life and may start asking questions like, how did they come to this world.
This may happen more frequently if they are going to have a sibling soon. They may even ask you about their own body parts as well as that of yours. But, you must appreciate that they won’t be able to understand the sexual mechanism and may even get frightened and perplexed if you explain about periods, erection, labor pain etc.

How And When To Talk To Kids About Pregnancy

Hence, before explaining the kid about pregnancy, remain relaxed and calm and he/she should not get the feeling that you are getting embarrassed while answering his questions. Many times parents get confused on what and how to convey these aspects to their kids.

Talk To The Kids About Pregnancy

How The Baby Enters The Tummy

The most commonly asked question about pregnancy is how the baby enters the tummy. Before telling the kid something, just ask them what they think about it. Some kids think that the baby gets into the tummy after eating a seed or fruit, while may be of the impression that God had put the baby inside. So you can tell your kid that after marriage when a woman prays the god for a baby, god puts the baby inside her womb.

Don’t convey wrong messages such as the baby is in the stomach, as the kids may get confused as to how the baby survive and coexist with the pizza, fruits and vegetables you eat. Make it very clear that stomach is for digesting food only and there is a separate organ for carrying the baby. Also avoid wrong messages like baby got into the tummy through eating a special food. Always keep the topic open, so that as and when your kid grows, he/she can ask more questions and you can continue the topic from where you had stopped.

How The Baby Will Come Out Of Tummy

The second most asked question would be “how the baby will come out of tummy”. If your kids can understand their private parts and depending on their age, tells them the truth. Alternatively you can tell them there is a special tunnel in the body and the baby will come out through it. If you had a C-section before, you can tell your child that the doctor cut your tummy and took him/her out and sutured the cut. You can even show them the mark.

Most of the kids will be eager to see the baby and they won’t be ready to wait for long to see the baby. So, they may keep on asking, about the date of delivery of the baby. You can explain them about the growth stages of the baby and can even explain different stages of life and how he/she transformed into a baby from a single cell.

Feeling of Insecurity

Another common problem that the first child faces when a new baby is going to arrive is insecurity. Hence, parents should reassure the child that you will continue to love him/her as much as you love your second baby and also ensure that she/he will be loved by his/her brother or sister as well. Also allow your kid to help to welcome the new baby, which creates a feeling that the first child is very important and he/she is the only one who can help his/her parents at the point of time.

While talking to your kid, ensure that you lay foundation for your future discussions. If you lied this time, you may not able to answer their questions properly in future and your kid may not trust you once he/she came to know that you were lying.

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