Homemade French Onion Recipe

French Onion Recipe

French Onion Recipe French dishes quite often call for onions, but one such classic dish that compulsorily uses a different type of onion is the beef bourguignon. Beef bourguignon is a savory French dish which calls for pearl onions. Pearl onions are tiny onions like bulb onions but they are sweeter than bulb onions and their outer surface is very shiny like pearls.

Other than that, beef bourguignon is cooked in a red wine stew with vegetables like carrots, mushrooms and celery. Beef bourguignon is a traditional beef stew recipe, which originated in the Burgundy region of France and has now gained huge popularity in other parts of the world also. It is a very rich and exquisite dish, which is perfect for serving in gatherings and parties and also for a lazy and cozy lunch with family.

Difficulty level: Easy
Servings per recipe: 10-12
Time required for preparation: 12 hours
Time required for cooking: 2-3 hours

Required Appliances

1 deep skillet
1 colander
1 large pot
1 chopping knife
1 stirring spoon

Required Ingredients

4 lbs. of chuck roast
5 cups of red wine
3 cups + ½ cup of low-sodium beef stock
1 lb. + 8 oz. of white button mushrooms
5 large cloves of garlic (smashed, peeled and roughly chopped)
A handful of Italian parsley, finely chopped
3-4 fresh bay leaves
4 large carrots, sliced
2 cups + ½ cup of pearl onions
3-4 stalks of celery, chopped
1 tablespoon of all-purpose flour
6-7 sprigs of fresh thyme
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon of bacon fat
Salt, to taste

Method of Cooking

1. Start the preparation by first putting the chuck roast in a colander. Hold the colander below running water from tap and rinse it thoroughly until it becomes free of any impurities. Now take the piece of meat and pat-dry it with paper towels.

Next, place the chuck roast on your chopping board and cut it across the grain into 2 ½ inch sized pieces. The pieces should not be too small for beef bourguignon; they should be larger than normal bite-sized pieces. Once done, transfer the meat pieces to a large pot and then keep it aside.

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2. Now take a large and deep skillet and place it on the stove. Light up the flame and maintain it on medium. Once the skillet heats up add the bacon fat to it and wait for it to get heated up. In the meantime, take the cloves of garlic and smash them with the back of your knife.

Then pull away the peels and then chop them roughly into smaller pieces. Once the bacon fat heats up, add the chopped garlic and the thyme sprigs to it. Stir and cook the garlic and thyme for a few minutes or until the garlic liberate a wonderful aroma. Then turn off the heat and pour 3/4th cup of red wine over the garlic and thyme.

3. Remove the skillet from the heat and transfer the mixture into the same pot where you have put the beef pieces. Add the remaining amount of wine to the meat until the beef chunks are 90 percent submerged in the wine. Once done, cover the pot with a lid and pop it into the refrigerator to marinade the beef overnight.

Once the marinating time elapses, take the carrots and peel them to remove the outer layer. Then slice the carrots into medium-thick bite-sized pieces. Once done, take the stalks of celery and slice them roughly into medium-sized pieces.

4. Now take out the marinated beef from the refrigerator and let it sit in room temperature for 30 minutes. Once the beef reaches the room temperature, place the pot on the stove and maintain the flame on medium low. Then add the pearl onions, chopped carrots, button mushrooms and the chopped celery to the meat in the pot.

Pour the beef stock over the vegetables so that they get submerged in the beef stock and then season the mixture with desired amounts of salt and freshly ground black pepper.

5. Once done, put the lid on the pot and let the beef and the vegetables cook for 2-2 ½ hours or until the meat becomes very soft. Once done, take off the lid from the pot and pour slurry of flour and water into the stew to thicken it up a bit. Stir the mixture a few times to combine the slurry with the stew and then garnish the beef bourguignon by topping it off with the chopped parsley and then serve with mashed potatoes or bacon.