6 Home Remedies For Stomach Pain

Home Remedies For Stomach Pain

Stomach pain among the other kinds of pain is hard to bear, moreover, it could vary in intensity, causing too much or medium paced pain. There may be different causes for this condition, but if you use any of the following home remedies for stomach pain, certainly you will find relief.

Home remedies are more reliable and have no side effects. For all those who want effective treatment without facing any medicinal based side effects, you can close your eyes and rely on home remedies. Some people have a few misconceptions about home remedies; they feel such remedies are not effective enough as compared to medicines. In such a situation, you must realize that certain medicines are often considered as a means only to handle the pain only temporarily and not deal with the real cause. On the other hand, home remedies for stomach pain ensure that the agents or particles causing such a pain are completely washed out.

Best Home Remedies For Stomach Pain

Apple Juice with Vinegar

Apple Juice With Vinegar To Reduce Stomach Pain

As much as apple juice can help you feel better in such a situation. But if you mix it with vinegar, it will help you in the digestion process, and treat the stomach pain. Make sure you consume it before your meal.


Peppermint To Reduce Stomach Pain

The peppermint effect lightens your senses and makes you feel fresh. It has the same effect on your stomach pain as well. Given that you would be using mint for cooking purpose, you can easily find it in your kitchen. All that’s required is a small cup of water, ensure it is warm, add to it a few mint sprigs. Make a tea or blend and drink it while it’s warm. Otherwise, the taste of it when it cools down is not palatable to many. All those who are experiencing stomach pain due to digestion problems, menstrual cramps etc. they can find immediate relief through this hot and refreshing peppermint tea.

Lemon or Salt Water

Lemon To Reduce Stomach Pain

I am certain that you must be aware of the umpteen benefits a lemon has in it. Be it skin care, hair care or general health, you can find lemon as a wonderful fruit offering versatile benefits. Squeeze half or even one lemon based on its size, mix it with warm water and consume it. Do not make it too tangy, it would be hard to consume, taste it and add more water if you feel like. You could add a little bit of salt and sugar, but remember you are consuming it to ease your stomach pain; hence it shouldn’t be either too salty or too sweet. If you are not a lemon fan, you can consume plain warm salt water. Though people use lukewarm salt water for their sore throats, I heard it does wonders for stomach pain as well. All you need is one cup of water, make sure it is warm, and add not more a teaspoon of salt. Try to consume it while it’s warm or else you’ll find it difficult to sip through. Note- if you are a high blood pressure patient, this method is not recommended for you.


Chamomile Tea To Reduce Stomach Pain

I am sure you must have heard about the benefits of Chamomile tea. This tea has powerful ingredients that can ease off your stomach pain. It also does wonders in calming down your nerves, which I am sure must be at its peak while you have an unbearable stomach ache. If you can manage, I would recommend you to go in for homemade Chamomile tea. The procedure to make this tea is quite simple; all you need is dried Chamomile flowers. With these flowers, add some water to it and wait till you find a perfect blend.

To help you enjoy your tea, you can add some lemon. This not only enhances the taste but also works on soothing your stomach.Dried flowers are easily available and some people stock it up for days like when you are unwell. There may be market products available that comes in a proper tea form, given that it is packaged; I am not sure of how healthy it would be.

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Licorice or Fennel

Fennel To Reduce Stomach Pain

Another helpful home remedy comes in the form of either Licorice or Fennel. The reason why I have combined them is because you can use either of the two options. Though they can be found in supplements, I would recommend you to stick to the naturally available form. These herbs have many healthy properties that can immediately release the tightness and stiffness of the stomach that causes pain.

One very important point to note here is that you must consume either of them in limited amounts. Some people are experiencing so much of pain that it gets hard for them to bear it and all they need is a quick fix. Given that there are two options here, do not opt for both, use either one and in limited quantity because these herbs can be strong on the stomach.


Heat To Reduce Stomach Pain

At times, you need heat to pass through your body to help the pain subside. This method is not just helpful for back pains but does wonders to people when they are experiencing an aggravating stomach pain. You can use this method with any other home remedies for stomach pain. Given that this is an external measure, you could use any of the internal remedies. At times, the remedy you have just used might take time to act upon. In such a situation, some people can’t wait because the pain gets too hard to manage. So, while the remedy you have used starts to act upon, you can work your way using this measure.

Just take a small cloth bag and fill it with uncooked rice or flax seeds. While packing it, do not tie it tightly; let some air be there so that it is flexible enough. Place it in a microwave for a minute; do not heat it too much. Once it’s done, place it on your stomach and you will find the sore muscles becoming relaxed. All these home remedies for stomach pain have been tried and tested. If used wisely, it can help you immensely.