5 Home Remedies For Stomach Gas

Home Remedies For Stomach Gas

Do you have stomach gas? It is not such a big health problem as such but it is very annoying. It cannot be termed as an illness but it can be very embarrassing as well. If you have stomach gas, it could be due to one of the reasons such as alcohol consumption, eating food from outside, bacterial infection, eating too much of spicy food or digestive problems.

The symptoms are annoying too! When you have stomach gas, you will have lack of appetite, bad breath, abdominal bloating and pain in tummy. All this could be a very irritating thing to deal with. The good thing is that you can get rid of stomach gas by using simple home remedies.

When a person is suffering from stomach gas, the first thing that comes to their mind is to pay a visit to a good doctor. Why spend money on expensive medicines when you can get a cure at home? There are several home remedies for stomach gas which work wonders. You will not need to go anywhere as they are easily available in your kitchen. Want to know about the home remedies? Don’t worry as we have jotted the top home remedies for stomach gas. Take a look!

Top Home Remedies For Stomach Gas 


Garlic To Reduce Stomach Gas

Garlic is used as a cure for many ailments. How about treating your stomach  gas with garlic? One piece of garlic has excellent heating quality which helps you to get relief from the irritating stomach gasIf you are suffering from gas then have soup which is filled with garlic as it will help in digestion and will also reduce the gas in your stomach. If you want better results, you should opt for fresh garlic. You can also make a solution with garlic, black pepper and cumin seeds. Boil three of these in water and strain it. Once it comes down to room temperature, you can drink this at least three times in a day. This is a guaranteed way of getting rid of stomach gas.

Lemon and Baking Soda 

Lemon And Baking Soda To Reduce Stomach Gas

Lemon and baking soda has been a popular home remedy for ages. If you are having too much trouble from stomach gas, you can mix a pinch of baking soda and lemon in water and drink it. Make sure that the baking soda gets dissolved properly in water. Baking soda is easily available in the markets. This solution gives instant relief from stomach gas and you will feel better overnight.


Cardamom To Reduce Stomach Gas

Cardamom is one kitchen ingredient which is available in every household. It has a great taste and people add it to most of the dishes to get a nice flavor and fragrance. This little ingredient speeds up the whole process of digestion and also gives instant relief from stomach gas. You can chew pieces of cardamom or you can add the powdered form in several dishes. The best way to get rid of stomach gas is to chew it as it is. It has a lovely aroma and tastes nice, so you can have the pods too. You can also prepare a cardamom tea out of it as that will help in digestion as well as relief from stomach gas.

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Ginger To Reduce Stomach Gas

You will see a lot of people using ginger for various ailments. Just like garlic, ginger too has various health benefits. It can cure cough, cold, obesity and even stomach gas. Speaking of stomach gas, you can chew raw ginger as it gives relief instantly. If you want to avoid stomach gas then chew a piece of ginger after every meal. If you are already having gas problem then you can have ginger tea too. Ginger tea is delicious and you can add some sugar as well. You should have ginger tea at least two or three times in a day for best results.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds To Reduce Stomach Gas

Fennel does not need any introduction because it is available in every household. It gives relief from gas as well as bloating. After every meal, restaurants give fennel along with the bill because it helps in digestion too. You can add fennel to hot water and drink the solution after it comes to room temperature. It is advisable to keep fennel in your kitchen because someone in your family may just need it. Fennel seeds are also called ‘saunf’ in Hindi and are easily available in a kitchen.

Stomach gas is an annoying problem and every problem in this world has a solution. Try the above mentioned home remedies as they will definitely work for you. Since they are natural, they do not have any side effects too. So, try them when you have stomach gas as you will get instant relief. Take care!