5 Home Remedies For Children Cough

Children Cough Cough might actually not be a disease, however it can be a symptom for various diseases. Therefore it becomes necessary to treat this symptom as soon as possible, especially when it comes to children’s cough before it leads to bigger problems. The cough can be caused due to various reasons, dust, germs, etc. There are many safe and easy home remedies which can be used by the mothers to help deal effectively with their children’s cough. The home remedies also appear to be pretty safe than the strong medicines which are available in the market, as they might harm the child in the long run.

Best Home Remedies To Cure Cough For Children

Some of the simple and effective remedies which can be carried out at home for children’s cough is discussed in the following.

Milk And Turmeric

Milk And Turmeric

This combination appears to be one of the best to help deal with simple health and skin issues. Boil some milk and add required amount of turmeric powder to it. You can add some sugar if required, as children cannot drink without it. This can be consumed everyday by the children to help deal with their cough in one of most effective ways, by improving their immune system.

Ginger Juice

We all know the benefits of ginger, when it comes to dealing with cold, cough and fever and most of the traditional remedies will have this amazing substance included in them. Ginger Juice Use a few spoons of ginger juice mixed with honey and by adding some warm water to it to dilute it in to a drink. Then this can be consumed about three times a day for amazing results to help cure cough.

Tulsi Juice

This is another very effective herb which is easily found at many homes and is very effective in dealing with health issues. Take a few leaves from the tulsi plant and crush it until you get few spoons of juice. Tulsi Juice You can then mix it with a spoon of honey and consume it to help deal with cough. Also you can add some ginger juice if you would like to make it even better.

Lemon Juice

This can be very beneficial in curing the cough and its symptoms. You can take a few spoons of lemon juice with some warm water and honey. Lemon Juice   This drink can be consumed few times a day to help deal with the effects of the cough and its symptoms. Regular use of this will help cure it completely.

White Onion

This appears to be an effective remedy when it comes to help treat cough and fever. All you need to do is take a white onion and boil it, then take a few spoons of the onion juice and mix it with some honey. White Onion This mixture can be consumed to help relieve the person suffering from cough effectively. This can be consumed twice a day for more progressive results.

Consulting A Paediatric Doctor If Necessary

The above discussed home remedies are extremely effective to deal with the congestion and other causes of the cough.However, if the cough is severe, it is always advisable to go get it checked by a paediatric doctor who can examine the child and come up with a proper treatment process.