12 Home Remedies For Burns On Hands

Home Remedies For Burns On Hands

Burns and scalding can occur in the kitchen, at the workplace, during celebrations involving bonfires and firecrackers or due to carelessness while handling matches, lighters and incense sticks. It is of paramount importance that the burned area be treated immediately to control its effects, prevent spreading and provide relief from the effects of a burn like swelling, moistness, blistering, redness, stinging and skin irritation.

The first step to treating any burn is to run the site of the burn under cool water and then following up with a remedy from the list of home burn remedies. These treatments are effective for minor burns and prevent scarring, blistering and pain. For major burns it is imperative that the injured receives medical attention immediately. The afflicted can apply one of the remedies for burns and then follow up with a doctor for treatment.

Twelve Home Remedies For Burns On Hands

Cool water

Cool Water

As soon as you are burned, let cold water run on the burn site or apply a cold compress with a clean cloth wet in cool water over the burn area. Ice will restrict blood flow to the burn site and damage tissues. Cool water will soothe the sting and prevent the burn from spreading. This is the first step you must take if you are unsure what to do for burns.



The best home remedy for burns is to apply honey to the burn site on the body. Honey draws out fluids from the tissues and cleaning the burned area of any pus or infection. Dip a ball of cotton in a tablespoon of honey and leave the cotton on your burn, or apply honey directly to the affected area. You can also wrap a piece of sterile gauze to which a large drop oh honey has been applied, around the burned area. You will need to change the dressing thrice a day. Honey on the burn site does not cause any pain or itching or irritation and is one of the best and safest home remedies for a burn. Applying honey to minor burns ensures no marks are left behind once the wound heals.



Another effective treatment for a burn on the hands is vinegar, a commonly utilized home item for meal preparation. Vinegar is a natural antiseptic and astringent and prevents infection when applied to minor burns. Dilute two tablespoons of vinegar with equal parts water and rinse the burned site with the solution to experience immediate relief from pain and irritation.



One of the most potent and quick acting home remedies for burns is milk. Soak the affected area in milk for a period of fifteen minutes to soothe the sting, ache or itching. You can also apply a cloth, cotton or gauze soaked in milk to the area. Do not wind tightly. Let the milk wash the burn site and soothe the irritation. Repeat the dabbing process every few hours to relieve pain caused by the burn.



Onion is among the best home remedies for a burn. Onion juice has healing properties that is used to treat minor and major burns. Onion juice is composed to chemicals like sulfur quercetin that provides relief from the pain. Cut a fresh onion in halves and rub one half along the burn site immediately after the accident. Not only does the juice provide quick relief from the pain, it also prevents blistering and infection in the burn area. Repeat this process about five times a day. Those with sensitive skin would do well to note that while this treatment for a burn is proven to be effective, it also causes stinging on the wound site for the first few minutes.

Lavender Oil

Leavender Oil

A useful treatment for a burn is lavender oil due to its antiseptic and painkilling properties. The oil prevents scarring if applied immediately after the skin is burned. Pour a few drops of the lavender oil onto a clean, sterile gauze or cotton and gently dab the burned area with the cloth. Repeat this process every two hours for relief from the pain.

Raw Potato


Raw potato is a potent home remedy for burns used to treat minor skin burns. It has antiseptic and soothing properties the reduce irritation inflammation and prevent infection to the wound. Cut a slice of raw potato and rub it gently on the burn area while making sure the juice spreads along the site. Raw potato is one of the best remedies for burns as it alleviates pain prevents blisters forming on the skin.

Lemon And Tomato


Contrary to this popular myth, both tomato juice and lemon juice are excellent home remedies for a burn. The juices of both these fruits gently remove dead skin on and around a burn and speed up the rejuvenation process. Lemon juice is acidic and is used to naturally lighten the scars left by burns. Tomato juice is a natural bleaching agent and erases burn marks on the skin with regular application. To be able to use tomato and lemon juice as an effective treatment for a burn, rinse the burn with cool water and apply fresh lemon juice and fresh tomato juice on the burned area with two separate clean washcloths. Repeat this process twice a day to prevent scarring.

Tea Bags

Tea Bag

A wet teabag is among the most effective home remedies for burns. It provides relief to the wounded site and speeds up the healing process since it contains tannin, a healing agent. Dip a fresh tea bag a few times in a glass of cold water and place o the burned area for a few minutes. Repeat the process several times a day. Tea bags are also an effective remedy to cure sunburns.

Baking Soda & Water Paste

Baking Soda

A popular treatment for a burn is baking soda and water. Make a thick paste of baking soda by mixing in a few tablespoons of water. Apply on the wound and allow it to try. Reapply after a few hours. This paste provides instant relief from the stinging and prevents infection and blistering.

Tooth Paste


A surprising home remedy for burns is toothpaste. Toothpaste contains menthol which is very effective in easing pain and preventing irritation. Apply a thick layer of paste over the burn directly or using a wad cotton or a clean gauze or cloth. Allow the paste to harden over the wound and leave the layer on for twenty hours.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Fast becoming a popular remedy for stomach ailments, skin problems and a range of afflictions, this plant is also an effective treatment for a burn. Aloe Vera leaves have tissue healing and painkilling properties. To administer as a remedy for burns, break off the tip of the Aloe Vera leaf and run the gluey, yellow gel-paste along the burn area. You will experience immediate relief from any ache, stinging, redness or irritation. Use these simple and effective remedies for burns to prevent scarring, provide relief from pain and to stem the irritation and swelling. For major burns, seek medical care immediately!