Herbs To Avoid During Pregnancy

Herbs To Avoid During Pregnancy

Herbs To Avoid During Pregnancy Abortion is a painful and unfortunate event if it occurs unexpectedly and when it is least wanted. Abortion can occur due to various factors. Sometimes it is caused due to excessive stress.

However, when pregnancy is unplanned or unwanted, abortion is the only option. But it is best to avoid such hasty decisions as abortion is tormenting, mentally and physically.  Unwanted pregnancy in couples may be due to health, financial issues, improper timing and several other issues.

Termination of pregnancy can be harmful in some instances and is also illegal hence it should be performed under a guided medical expert as all the herbs are toxic in high doses. There is no safest herb that can be used as there are always dangers associated with herbs used for natural abortion.

Some Herbs To Avoid During Pregnancy

Pennyroyal Root

It is also called as mosquito plant. A member of mint family, it is a creeper having purple flowers. It causes delayed mensturation and used for abortion to end early pregnancies and should not be used past the 8th week of pregnancy. It should not be used for more than a week at a time and in combination with other drugs. If unsual cramping and itching or breathing problems occur, it should be avoided.


This plant is also called as golden bough. Mistletoe is used for inducing abortion in pregnant ladies and the part of the plant used are roots and berries of the plant.


This plant causes uterine contractions. It has properties similar to oxytocin in the body and acts as a smooth muscle stimulant.

Calamus Root

It is a perennial wetland monocot. It is also called as sweet flag used in Asian herbal traditions for causing natural abortion. It should be used under medical guidance.

Dong Quai

It is a herbal remedy which is used when other remedies do not work out. It induces uterine contractions and causes abortion. Taking dong quai increases the ability to remove and dislodge the embryo from the uterine wall.

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Parsley Leaves

Parsley is also recommended for natural abortion. It is used in conjunction with vitamin C for effective results. It causes uterine contractions and opens the mouth of cervix and induces abortion.


Parsley can be taken in the form of tea regularly. It has to be taken early in pregnancy as it might not be effective in later stages of pregnancy.


It is a perennial herb and used in combination with other herbs. Two types  of cohosh called blue and black cohosh are used for abortion. It stimulates the production of oxytocin. It promotes contractions and  prepares the cervix to release the contents of the uterus. Black and blue cohosh are used to induce miscarriage. But they have incidences of toxic effects hence have to be cautiously under the guidance of a practitioner.


Also known as evening primrose, the oil from the plant is used as a herbal remedy for abortion. The primrose oil is applied topically on the stomach. It can be taken internally to terminate pregnancy. The oil contains gammalinolenic acid which relaxes the muscles of the uterus. The oil has sedative and laxative properties. However the use of primrose oil for abortion requires more research.