Herbs For Preventing Cancer

Herbs For Preventing Cancer

Herbs For Preventing Cancer Herbs help in making your immune system strong. Some herbs act as powerful antioxidants and destroy free radicals responsible for causing cancer. The role of each herb is different from each other.

Herbs to Prevent Cancer

Selenium is one of the most beneficial and powerful antioxidants for preventing cancer. Selenium in combination with vitamin E helps in increasing your immunity power and prepares your body to fight cancerous cells. Ginger and turmeric are very effective herbs for treating growing tumors. According to a research study, these two herbs possess the power to stop the growth of cancer cells completely. Barley green is popularly known for its anti-carcinogenic properties and it helps in preventing the growth of cancer cells.

If you are suffering from cancer then add barley green to your diet because this herb has the ability to fight cancer cells present in your body. Barley consists of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, folic acid and iron. Red clover flower has the ability to prevent cancer. Red clover contains anti-tumor compounds and a powerful antioxidant that help your body to fight free radicals. All the toxins and impurities present inside your body get removed with the help of red clover flower.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that prevents cancer from spreading to other parts of your body.

Other Cancer Preventing Herbs and Spices

Some of the other cancer preventing herbs and spices are sweet fennel, basil, cloves, ashwagandha, galangal, licorice and cardamom. You may consume these herbs along with your daily intake of food as these herbs help to prevent cancer. The leaves and seeds of coriander also help in preventing cancer. Traditional Chinese medicines are also popular worldwide for their anti-cancer properties. Ligusticum, scutellaria, acacia catechu and anacardiaceae are some of the famous traditional Chinese medicines. Turmeric contains curcumin which is a therapeutic compound and has immunity stimulant properties.

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Green tea extract consists of a chemical that inhibits free radicals from causing cell damage and prevents cell replication. Maitake extract is an immune system booster that destroys cancer cells. Quercetin, vitamin K, vitamin C and beta glucan are important nutrients that not only help in preventing cancer but are also useful in cancer treatment. Vitamin K is very effective in treating liver cancer.

Some Suggestions for You

You need to discover which combinations of herbs and nutrients will be highly effective in fighting cancer. You should take all herbs in equal proportions to gain maximum benefits. You should not take any herb or nutrient without knowing its full effects.

Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery are the other treatments for cancer. These treatments can decrease the number of white blood cells in your body. This may affect your immune system drastically and it might stop working properly or become weak. Your immune system can become weak if white blood cells get damaged due to some reason. Due to a weak immune system, you may become prone to cancer and other related diseases.

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