5 Herbal Remedies For Burns

Herbal Remedies For Burns

Damage caused to the tissues of a body by elements such as heat electricity, chemicals, radiation and even sunlight, is usually termed as a burn. These burns generally occur due to the various types of flammable gases and liquid, scalds from steam and boiling hot liquid and solids. There are three degrees of burn. The first degree is very superficial and only affects the external skin. It usually happens due to scalding from steam or hot water or even exposure too hot surface.

Sunburn is another perfect example of a first degree burn. Second degree is known to be more painful as it damages the outer skin totally and spreads to the internal layer of the skin. They need prompt medical attention and are prone to infection, while the most intense and dangerous degree of burn is the third degree of burn. It has the potential of damaging the tissues deep inside and herbal remedies are not sufficient for treating it, they often need surgeries and grafting. Burns result in scarring, blistering, boils and swelling and can lead to infection as well; however the first and second degree is completely treatable with the help of herbal remedies. A few of them are listed below.

Herbal Remedies For Burns

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera To Reduce Burns

Aloe Vera is a well-known astringent and antibiotic herb with many other qualities. It can be easily grown in the garden and is excellent for healing burns up to the second degree. It should be applied after the pain of the burnt wound is taken care of. The direct extract of the modified stem is a green coloured gel which is ideally directly applied to the burn for optimum healing. It is sold commercially as well, however it should not be adulterated.


Lavender To Reduce Burns

Lavender essential oil is an excellent remedy for treating first degree burns as well as second degree burns in some cases. This herb not only fastens the healing process but also acts like an effective pain killer when the pure and concentrated essential oil is used. As it possesses antibiotic properties that are absolutely natural, it is used for healing the infection. For instant relief from pain caused by the burn, one can use the essential oil spray of the therapeutic grade that is available in regular stores.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil To Reduce Burns

Like lavender tea tree oil is equally effecting in combating infections and provides cooling to the burnt area. One should take care to wash the affected area with water before the application of this oil. Tea tree essential oil can be directly applied to the wound and can also be diluted with water .This dilution is also applicable to the wound.


Plantain To Reduce Burns


Plantain is another herb that is also a weed and rows easily anywhere. It has strong antibacterial properties that are excellent from fending off infections that spread quickly. The best way to use this herb is by preparing poultices. These poultices soothe the burnt area and help in healing the wounds.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel To Reduce Burns


This herb is known to be an excellent remedy for treating first degree burns .A solution made from witch hazel’s extract can be used to minimize the inflammation and provide cooling and soothing effect to the affected area. It is a very handy herb that is must for first aid boxes. It is available in the form of ointment and cream as well.