5 Herbal Remedies For Ascites

Herbal Remedies For Ascites

Ascites or abdominal dropsy refers to the situation when accumulation of pathologic fluid occurs in the abdominal cavity of a person. This physical disorder may be caused as a result of liver malfunction. If not diagnosed and treated in the early stage this may result in liver transplantation.

Swelling in legs, abnormal bloating in abdomen, para umbilical herniation are certain symptoms of ascites. One may try these herbal remedies for ascities as treatment in the early stage:

Best Herbal Remedies For Ascites


Strophanthus For Ascites

This modern herb constitutes valuable components like glucoside, Inoeine and alkaloid which are useful in treating ascites. The seeds of Straphanthus are highly pure. The herb if taken helps in controlling the circulatory system of the body and cures various heart problems.

The diuretic nature of this herb makes it suitable for curing ascites. Consumption of infusion of ascites seeds helps in eradicating Ascites. Alternatively, add thirty to forty drops of Strophanthus extract in one cup of water. Intake of one tablespoon of this every hour is highly beneficial for curing ascities.


Apocynum For Ascites

The leaves of this herb possess cardiotonic, hypotensive and diuretic properties which are essential for enhancing the blood circulation of the renal system of the ascites patient. Also known as Apocandle this herb is useful for treating various urinal problems and constipation.

Put twenty to thirty drops of Apocynum extract in four tablespoons of water. Consume one tablespoon of the decoction four to five times a day. This will give relief to patients suffering from ascites by reducing the urinal irritation and constipations.

Punarnava Or Spreading Hogweed

Punarnava For Ascites

The anti inflammatory and astringent properties of this herb make it one of the most effective herbal remedies for ascities. The diuretic nature of roots and leaves of Punarnava helps it to fight against ascites.

Prepare a tea by brewing half cup of the herb in one cup of boiling water. Cool this for about twenty minutes. Filter it and drink the tea two to three times a day. This will increase the rate of discharge of urine. Daily intake of a mixture of half teaspoon of powdered punarnava roots in one teaspoon of lukewarm water will be beneficial for curing ascites.


Chimaphila For Ascites

The roots of this plant have certain essential medicinal value. The herb is found in some specific countries of Europe and Asia. Arbutin gum and pectin acids and other crystalline characteristics are major components of this herb which helps in curing ascities.

The diuretic nature of Chimaphila makes it a useful remedy for treating this disease. Prepare an infusion by mixing ten to twenty milligrams of powdered chimaphila roots in one tablespoon of warm water. Regular intake of this infusion twice a day is recommended for ascites patients.


Burdock For Ascites

The roots of this herb are highly diuretic in nature. The seeds of the Burdock act as a blood purifier and eliminate the toxins present in the blood. It also eradicates the bowel constipation problem caused by ascites. Firstly make a powder of the seeds of Burdock.

Now add one teaspoon of this powder in one cup of boiling water and steep it for about twenty minutes. Consume the mixture twice a day in order to purify the digestive system and get rid of bloating caused by ascites.These herbal remedies for ascites may have certain side effects. Hence consultation with a doctor is recommended.

Best Herbal Remedies For Ascites