7 Herbal Medicine For Excessive Sweating

Herbal Medicine For Excessive Sweating

Under the topmost layer of your skin lies a layer called the dermis. It is the dermis that houses numerous tiny sweat glands. Sweating is a natural process by which the body is able to cool itself down to its normal temperature. The process of sweating is completely normal and takes place at all times, on the surface of the human body. However, due to exertion, certain kinds of medicines and heat, the body might begin to sweat more than normal. Medically referred to as hyperhidrosis, this can be a very embarrassing situation for the person concerned.

It is also highly inconvenient as the person needs to change their clothes rather frequently in order to feel comfortable. The problem of excessive sweating also gives rise to the highly unpleasant problem of body odour. Scientists have proved that sweat does not have any characteristic odour immediately after it is excreted by the sweat glands. But as it remains on the surface of the skin, bacteria acts on this sweat, causing a foul odour that can prove to be a major embarrassment for the person concerned.

Body odour also lowers the self-esteem of the person to a great extent. In order to deal with the problem of body odour, it is vital to tackle the issue of excessive sweating. To do this, one can make use of numerous herbal remedies that have been effectively used to prevent the sweat glands from producing too much sweat.


Sage For Sweating

This herb is extremely beneficial when used to treat the problem of excessive sweating. The best way to use sage is to boil some of it in water like you would do to prepare an ordinary cup of tea. Strain this tea and allow it to cool till it reaches room temperature. Apply this tea to the body like a lotion and allow it to dry. Do not wash this off after it dries.

Sage works on the condition of excessive sweating, due to the fact that it is a strong astringent. Another way of using sage is to add it to your favourite food items and consume it. For this purpose, one can make use of dried sage leaves. The tea made from this herb can also be consumed so as to increase its effectiveness in the treatment of this condition.

Lemon balm

Lemon Balm For Sweating

This balm has been used to treat many health conditions, one of them being the problem of excessive sweating. This herb belongs to the mint family and possesses the smell and taste of a lemon. The leaves of the lemon balm herb have been used as supplements, in the treatment of hyperhidrosis. If taken on a regular basis, this herb brings about a significant improvement in this situation.


Chamomile For Sweating

This herb has been highly recommended in the treatment of excessive sweating. Chamomile is one of the best antiperspirants available in nature and has brought a great deal of relief to many of those suffering from the embarrassing problem of excessive sweating. This herb helps to tackle this problem in a completely natural way, devoid of any harmful side-effects. Even though it is mild in nature, it is able to bring significant improvement within a short span of time.

Witch hazel

Witch Hazel For Sweating

Witch hazel is another very powerful natural astringent. The oil of this herb is used to treat this condition. This oil is derived by extracting it from the bark and the leaves of the witch hazel herb. When applied to the surface of the skin, witch hazel oil gives much relief to those suffering from the problem of excessive sweating.

This remedy is exceptionally beneficial in the treatment of excessive sweating on the face. The best time to use this oil on your face is after you have washed your face in the morning. Wipe your face dry and apply a small amount of this oil. Leave this oil on your face throughout the day and you are sure to experience a great deal of relief in your situation. If you are not able to get witch hazel oil, the herb can also be used as a lotion that can be applied locally to the surface of the skin. One can do so by making use of a cotton ball that has been saturated with witch hazel. Rub this all over the parts of your body which are prone to sweating profusely. This will help to control the production of sweat in those regions as the witch hazel lotion spreads like a thin film and keeps sweat production under control.


Astragalus For Sweating

This herb has been used in the treatment of various conditions, since ancient days. Several studies conducted on the usefulness of this herb have showed that it also provides much relief to those suffering from hyperhidrosis. When put to use regularly, this herb helps to significantly curb the problem of sweating, in many cases. The other benefits of astragalus are that it helps to improve the working of the nervous system and also strengthens the immunity of the person. The roots of the astragalus herb are used in the treatment of several health conditions including excessive sweating.


Burdock For Sweating

This herb is extremely bitter but is very useful when put to use in cases of excessive sweating. The most effective way of using burdock is in the form of a tincture. This tincture is to be used at regular intervals throughout the day. Burdock helps to curb the excretion of sweat by the sweat glands. While doing so, it causes this excess sweat to be channelled to other parts of the body like the kidneys and the intestines. Thus the excessive secretions are put to better use in the body.

Valerian root

Valerian Root For Sweating

Valerian root has been used to successfully treat many cases of excessive sweating, particularly in cases where the excessive sweating takes place on the palms. Valerian root is to be used in the form of a tea that is to be prepared by boiling the extract of this herb in water. Valerian root can be used individually or in conjunction with other herbs such as sage. This herb helps to reduce the sweating to a great extent, if consumed on a regular basis.