Herbal Cure For Lungs

It is an undeniable fact that Lungs are the most vital organs of the body. With age, like all other organs of the body, the lungs too suffer from various kinds of congestions.

Nowadays, the excessive polluted air, which we continuously inhale, adds to the distress. So in order to protect our respiratory system we require cleaning the lungs occasionally and to stimulate the system! What can be better than to clean the lungs using a herbal medicine? These medicines are obtained from various useful herbs and treatment done using them is 100% side effect free.

Miracle Herbs

Few common herbs that are frequently used in lung medicines are Fenugreek, which is a germicidal and is also used to prevent inflammation, Mullein that helps to relax muscles of the bronchial passage, Thyme which has antiseptic properties and is also used in order to produce considerable amount of mucus. Ginger is great in case of excess phelgm and bronchitis. Garlic has antibacterial and antimicrobial effect. Also used for viral diseases.

It provides extreme immunity to the lungs. Angelica is an exceptional herb for general convalescence as well as help to remove excess mucus. Cinnamon helps to increase the temperature but should not be used during pregnancy. Comfrey also reduces congestion. Elecampane is very soothing and helps to remove excess cough. Wild cherry bark is used as a cough suppressant and is provided in a large content to reduce incessant coughing. Finally, Coltsfoot is used when bronchial path is irritated and produce mucus.

Various medicines are prepared using these herbs and they have a definite dosage.

Reasons for the Popularity of Herbs

Herbal treatments are nowadays common in China and United States. In China, people suffering from asthma are advised to frequently use these medicines. It is observed that patients who are treated with these medicines yield a very high respiratory rate. The lungs are once again free of congestions and respiratory system functions properly. However, the application of many such herbs increases the production of Vitamins in the body.

Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant. People suffering from asthma have a considerable deficiency of Vitamin C in their blood. Application of these herbs causes production of Vitamin C. This in turn causes cleansing of the lungs and protects a person from problematic breathing. Not only adults but many children also suffer from asthma. They need to consult a physician  before starting any sort of treatment.

Causes of Lung Problems and How Herbs Can Help

Lung problems do not have one but a number of causes mostly due to the respiratory passage being obstructed by any substance. This include a wide variety of factors such as smoke particles enter the lungs due to excessive smoking or inhaling in a polluted air for a very long time, house dust mites, pollen grains, bad odours etc.

Any genetic disease involving malfunctioning of lungs, which involve inflammation of the pleural cavity (cavity formed by the pleura that guards the lungs), accumulation of fluid in it, or asthma due to deficiency of Vitamin C is also another major cause for lung problems. Bacteria or virus or other microorganism, can erode the lung tissue or secrete toxic materials in the lung tissue thus creating a huge risk for the lungs.

Herbal Cure For Lungs

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It is evident that taking of herbal medicines causes the lungs to get rid of the toxic substances produced as a result of secretions of various harmful mollculites. They not only clean the lungs by killing these organisms but they also create a precarious surrounding inside the lungs that is not suitable for the growth and development of these organisms and prevent their further invasion.

Although China and America used these herbs for many decades but nowadays these medicines are quite common in a large number of countries including India. In Chinese hospitals people suffering from asthma are treated with ASHMI i.e., anti-asthma herbal medicine intervention. In America use of the mullein is practiced from very recent period to provide relief from any kind of respiratory trouble.

Herbal Pills by Medical Companies

 A large number of companies are now doing a good amount of business selling these medicines. A large number of brands are available each promote their product. However, before choosing a particular brand one has to be sure that he makes a correct choice. Even the medicines can be booked online using a debit card. The required medicines will be soon delivered in no delay. Even few companies provide samples to their customers only on payment of the postal charges. Once a customer get satisfied with the quality as well as the proper functioning of these medicines they can place bulk orders.

Dosage Factor

It is quite important that a person taking these herbal medicines should be careful regarding the intake of these medicines as per the dosage. On a general basis, 2-3 tablets are prescribed to be taken every day early in the morning. However, each company has its own directions of use, which are to be read and strictly followed in order to obtain best results.

More and more persons are getting infected with lung diseases and the number is gradually increasing. Quite a large section of the  affected people now prefer herbal treatments than that of ordinary allopathic it being safe and also cheaper that the ordinary tablets, inhalers and respiratory puffs. Even a number of physicians now prescribe these kinds of medicines. The increase in their frequent uses also clarify that they serve the requirements of the patients.

However, during the first few days of the uses, the patients cough frequently and a large amount of mucus is excreted along with the cough. These are the early symptoms of cleaning of the respiratory passage. The infected respiratory passage is cleansed and the airways are once again cleared. The toxic infection creating substances are eliminated along with the mucus. Better results can be obtained within a week of constant use.

Thus in order to regain the infection free clear respiratory system and distress free inhalation and exhalation with no pain in the bronchial muscles a patient should immediately switch over to these herbal treatments .