3 Herbal Cure For Constipation

Herbal Cure To Constipation

Constipation is a health problem associated with human digestive system. It is a condition where a patient faces uneasiness and difficulty in the passage of stools. It is related to the incomplete and irregular movement of bowels inside the digestive tract. When stools are not excreted properly, there are a lot of difficulties faced by the respective person. The governing factors correlated to occurrence of constipation mainly include improper intake of water, irregular food habits and any kind of disease prevailing within the body. Unhealthy diet is the most frequent cause associated with it. Diet plan of a person decides his basic health.

A large amount of dietary fibers must be introduced in the diet chart of the patient suffering from this health condition. Drinking a plenty of water is a very good exercise for curing it. People tend to rely heavily upon their physicians and look forward to the consumption of medicine on a large scale. But there are certain natural remedies that work excellently without posing any health risks. There are some exotic herbs that work excellently in acting as the herbal cure for constipation.

Action of Botanic Herbs

Psyllium husk

The extracts isolated from exotic herbs and spices works excellently in acting as the herbal cure for constipation. One needs to have knowledge about the different herbs that can be brought into practice. Psyllium husk is a rich source of dietary fibre. It is known widely for curing such problems. It is a type of soluble fibre that must be consumed every night before going to bed. Almost 2 tablespoon of psyllium fibre must be blended in water properly and drank.

The consortium of indigenous micro-flora that resides in the intestine of the digestive system is affected with the consumption of this herb. It acts as a potent source of food for the micro organisms inside the intestine. Another useful herb is California buckthorn. It is a very popular laxative that is brought into use on a large scale for curing constipation naturally. This herb contains anthroquinones which thereby helps in contracting the colon for facilitating an easier movement of stools from the digestive tract.

Herbs Blended in Tea

Herbs Blended in Tea

Licorice is a potent herb that is used as the herbal cure for constipation. It is blended in proportionate amount with green tea and then consumed. Dandelion root is another such example of the same. The types of tea are termed as colon cleanser tea that acts as an excellent herbal remedy. The extracts of these herbs are obtained upon boiling in water for a suitable duration of time.

Some Other Herbs

Almond oil

Almond oil mixed with milk acts as another mode of herbal cure for the health disorder. Pulp of tamarind is a potent laxative to serve the same purpose. A blend of ginger and flaxseeds is effective to act as another natural cure for constipation. Cloves, ginger paste, basil leaves and lemon juice can be mixed together and blended in hot water for best results. Castor oil is a potential laxative to act as the herbal cure for chronic constipation.