Helpful Tips To Avoid Yeast Infection In Men And Women

Yeast Infection In Women

Yeast Infection In Women A yeast infection is something that more women have to deal with than men. This is because the primary cause of a yeast infection is hormonal changes with partly hygiene issues. Since a woman’s body goes through immense hormonal changes during pregnancy, that is the most important to be careful as majority of the yeast infections happen during pregnancy. Every woman goes through a yeast infection at least once in her lifetime.

It is not something to be ashamed off or embarrassed off because it can happen to anybody. The important thing is to understand how and why it occurs and get it treated right away otherwise it can be quite to your health and your sex life. It is not uncommon for men to also get yeast infections. For men, they usually receive a yeast infection from a woman they are sexually related to, or are dating, for the most part. If the couple does not make use of a condom then it is very likely and easy for the yeast infection to get transmitted to the male through the female.

There are lots of ways to cure yeast infections. But before you resort to going to the drug store to treat it medically, you should try and resort to some natural ways. This is because it is always better to be able to treat a medical ailment naturally rather than inducing drugs to your system. In addition to that at the early stages, a yeast infection can easily be treated completely either naturally or with assistance of very mild drugs. It can never hurt to give this is a try because if it does not work out then you can simply go to the drug store and purchase an over the counter yeast infection drug and have the infection treated in a week or so. As such try these tips first.

Wear loose clothing

Yeast grows and thrives in warm and moist climates. As such you should not wear very tight clothing as the humidity and warmth of your skin will provide the perfect climate for the infection to grow in. Especially during the summers always wear loose clothing that is mostly made of cotton, because cotton is very sweat absorbent and it will help keep your skin and the genital area very dry and cool.

Shower and Wash repeatedly

This is very helpful and relaxing especially during the summers. Showering and washing yourself is something even doctors recommend. Take multiple cold showers daily, especially every time you come back home from outside. Being outside in the heat and the sun, you will attract a lot of germs and bacteria due to the sweat that your body will produce.

Yeast Infection In Mens

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In addition to that the moisture content of your body will increase, and it will produce oil as well. As such once you come back taking a cold shower will help you get rid of all those impurities and stay clean. This way it will be very hard to a yeast infection to grow.

Be Careful During Sex

It is possible that you may have a yeast infection but could be unaware of its presence because it takes a while for physical symptoms to show. As such you should be careful and use a condom because it is very embarrassing for women to transfer the yeast infection to their partner. It can be very humiliating. This is because once you both have it; your sex lives would have to be on a halt until you completely have your ailments medically treated. As such use the contraceptive and avoid the infection from spreading.

Have More Garlic

Garlic is one of yeast’s biggest natural enemies. All you need to do is to take a garlic clove or a garlic pill and insert it in your vagina once every few hours. It is not a permanent cure; however it is the best in providing immediate relief. Is can be beneficial in addition to the drugs you maybe consuming orally. Just be careful not to insert the clove too deep, as it could be a challenge to get it back out. You can also consume garlic orally as it will be very helpful.  Garlic has quite a large number of health benefits such as helping reduce the blood pressure as well as reducing cholesterol. You can slightly increase the amount of garlic you put in your food and in a few short days you will begin to feel the relief from the pain and burning of the infection.

Menstrual Cycle, Pregnancy, and Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes occur in a woman’s body during menstruation as well as pregnancy. And during your menstrual cycles if you are getting the yeast infection almost the same time every month and you are also on birth control pills then it is time to change the brand of the pill you are consuming and perhaps even see your doctor. Hormonal imbalances can also be caused due to the pill and sometimes our body just cannot acclimatize to the change as such the yeast infection is the body’s way of indicating that you need to change your pill of perhaps even stop for a while. During your menstrual cycle do not use tampons if you have a yeast infection, it will make it worse. Instead use unscented pads and change them frequently. This will provide you with some relief.

Have Healthy Diet

It is important to watch the type of food you are eating. This is because foods like pizza, burgers, and beer are all high yeast products as such you should be avoiding these during the time of a yeast infection. You should especially avid the above-mentioned foods if they are aged. Have green leafy vegetables and cooked meat for a healthy diet against yeast infections.


These are really easy, effective, and helpful tips to help avoid yeast infection. If you follow these regularly then you may never have to face the problem of a yeast infection. Just be careful in your sexual endeavors because you don’t want to experiment at the risk of your health and pay special attention to your diet.