5 Healthy Way To Breastfeed Your Child

Healthy Way To Breastfeed Your Child

All sorts of fears, hesitation and even confusion might plague a new mother who is breastfeeding for the first time. Whatever knowledge she possesses, she has gleaned it from books and it is not necessary that her infant will act in the same way as dictated. Family and friends provide conflicting information which is even more confusing.

Nevertheless, breastfeeding might be confusing but it doesn’t have to be frustrating and the following breastfeeding tips can help in ensuring it isn’t:

Nurse Early and Often

Nurse Early and Often

If it is possible at all the start nursing just an hour after birth. In terms of breastfeeding, it will help you in making a strong and immediate connection with the baby. It has been discovered that in the first hour after birth, an infant is known to show a very strong sucking reflex. Therefore, in order to promote successful breastfeeding in the future, it is best to capitalize on this sucking reflex as soon as possible. Moreover, whenever the baby shows even a slight interest, the mother should immediately start feeding. Because breast milk is made through the process of supply and demand, the milk supply will be highly promoted with regular and constant breastfeeding.

Good Latching

areola into the baby’s mouth

Breast should be positioned for a good latch. It might prove to be necessary to aid the baby in positioning because engorged breasts are not only hard to touch but also difficult to latch onto. First off, in order to encourage the flow of milk, lightly massage the breast from the top and in the direction of the nipple. The next step is to push the nipple outwards and that is done by squeezing the top and bottom of the breast. This makes it easier for the baby to find the nipple even though it makes the breast look like a sandwich. Get as much as the areola into the baby’s mouth by encouraging it to open it mouth as wide as possible. Guide the baby gently into proper positioning but do not force.

Consider Position

Find a good position for nursing: The cradle hold can be used by mothers who have gone through a vaginal delivery and they can easily put the babies on their stomach and nurse. However, the football hold is the choice of women who have delivered babies through a c-section as pressure cannot be applied on the incision right away. The mother puts the baby on her forearm in the football hold and a pillow is used to support the forearm. The baby’s head is held in the palm of the mother’s hand. Regardless of the position, the breast should not be brought to the baby but instead the baby should be brought to the breast. Later, when the mother has had gained some experience with the task of breastfeeding, she can lie down sideways and then nurse.


avoiding smoking

New mothers should take necessary precautions to ensure that their milk is free of any contaminants such as lead, mercury or dioxins. This can be done by avoiding fumes in the gas station, not using pesticides in the garden and avoiding smoking. Houses should also be tested for lead paint by new mothers. The premise should be cleaned and painted if there is lead paint. Fish containing mercury should be avoided by new mothers. Clams, mussels and oysters should also be avoided because they have dangerous bacteria.


drink plenty of water

When mothers are breastfeeding, they should drink plenty of water because it can keep the supply of milk high. There are fluids such as coffee which dehydrate a body and avoiding them is essential. Furthermore, it has been recommended by experts that mothers who have to breastfeed should drink water even if they are not feeling thirsty. This is because when they wait till they get thirsty, they are giving their body a chance to get partially dehydrated and this can affect their milk supply. These tips can make breastfeeding very easy for first time mothers.