Healthy Diet For Type II Diabetes

diabetes diet

A healthy diet management is quintessential in managing diabetes.  Planning your diet properly will help in keeping the sugar levels under control without leading to nutrient loss. A well –balanced diet will have carbohydrates, proteins, necessary amount of fiber and fats in them. It is the quantity of these above foods that need to be managed. Type ii diabetes can be often controlled by monitoring the diet and by doing exercise.

Diet For Type ii Diabetes


Carbohydrates are the energy source for the body. They provide energy in the form of glucose which is a form of sugar that is the fuel for our body’s cells. Carbohydrates can be of two types simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are the ones which can be broken down and immediately digested.

They increase the sugar levels rapidly. Complex carbohydrates take time for digestion and hence are beneficial for diabetic person as they do not increase the sugar levels immediately.

diabetes diet


Among the food groups, it is the carbohydrates that have an immediate effect on our blood sugar levels. Hence , we need to carefully monitor the carbohydrate levels in a meal. They need to be combined with proteins and fat to form a complete meal. Breads, Rice, fruits, potatoes are the sources of carbohydrates.

Care should be taken to spread the carbohydrate intake through the various meals in the day, as excess intake of carbohydrates will hamper will increase the blood sugar levels rapidly. If you are highly diabetic and are on insulin dosage, then consult your dietician well and plan your meal as sudden increase in sugar levels are detrimental.


Include proteins in your diet in the form of lean meat, eggs, soy products and beans in your diet. They take more time than the carbohydrates to convert in to sugar and also help in managing the blood fat levels.

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Fats need to be taken in moderate amounts in the diet. Saturated fats are to be avoided or to be consumed in limited amounts. These fats come from foods like cream, cheese, butter, high fat meats like beef and mutton and from solid fats used for cooking.

Try using oils that are high in poly or mono saturated fats. Practice grilling, baking or roasting of meat instead deep oil frying.  Use only low fat or  skimmed milk and milk products.

diet for diabetes

Apart from the consumption of a diet including ample amounts of the main food groups, practice some changes in your dietary pattern

Eat small and frequent meals so that you feel food and do not suffer hunger pangs. Avoid skipping meals at any cost as they may lead to hypoglycemia.  Limit the intake of salt in your diet as they can lead to blood pressure and heart ailments. Try to consume fish at least 3 times a week as they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and help in the functioning of a healthy heart.

Limit the intake of alcohol in your diet. Alcohol is just empty calories and only aids in weight gain. Consumption of alcohol in empty stomach will also leads to hypoglycemia or low sugar levels. Include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Try to have home cooked meals as much as possible as ready to cook and preserved foods are high in calories.