Healthy And Nutritional Kid-Friendly Diet Ideas

Healthy And Nutritional Kid-Friendly Diet Ideas

 Healthy And Nutritional Kid-Friendly Diet Ideas A growing child needs all the nutrients that make up a balanced for their energy and growth. The requirement of nutrients increases with age and growth. If your child is one year old, you can let the child eat all the dishes prepared for other family members, provided they are less spicy.

Children need to have healthy food choices from the very beginning. But remember, they only find interest in eating when the food served to them looks interesting and attractive. So to develop a healthy food choice that is kid friendly, parents should make kid’s diet interesting. Kids have a small appetite. They need at least 5 to 6 meals a day. The major part of their diet must include proteins like milk, meat, fish, cereals, soy product, pulses and whole wheat bread like fruits and vegetables etc. necessary for their growth and development.

According to Center for Disease Control, childhood obesity has become a serious concern for not only American society, but in other major countries of the world. This is only because of wrong food choices and lack of physical activity among kids. So to keep our children healthy, the whole family needs to cultivate a healthy eating habit. Family meals should address the nutritional requirement of their child. Also parents must encourage their children to remain active by showing their own example. But do not forcibly feed your child.

This makes the child stubborn. There are plenty of ways to make healthy recipes that will provide your child the required nutrition and the child will love to eat them as well. Add lot of raw fruits and vegetables that add color to their meals and they find interest in eating them. There are hundreds of ways to cook meals that are not only healthy, but a tasty treat for children. Surf internet or cook books to learn these kinds of recipes for your children.

Junk Food

The biggest challenge parents face today is to restrict their children from eating easily available junk foods. But parents have to make serious efforts to cut the consumption of unhealthy junk food. The best way to develop healthy food choice among children starts right from their preschool years, when they are mostly influenced by their parents and family. Involve your children while preparing meals. Allow them to set the table.  Take them to grocery shopping. Allow them to choose some fruits and vegetables.

These small trainings will help to develop a healthy food choice from their childhood. Allowing them to eat burger, pizzas etc. as occasional treat will make them happy and satisfied. But take care that they do not indulge themselves in eating too much sugary, fried and spicy foods and soft drinks from school canteens. Prepare their lunch box with yummy but healthy recipes which will fulfill their craving for this kind of foods.

Basic Guideline for Kid friendly diet

Calorie requirement of children increase with their age and increased activity. Children below 5 years of age should be restricted from drinking skimmed milk. There is no need to restrict on their intake of fat or cholesterol as at this age as they need extra calories. But still baked and grilled food is a better option than fried or fatty foods.

Protein plays a very important role in kid-friendly diet. They need essential amino acids. So, complete protein foods like egg, meat and milk should be incorporated in their diet.

Ensure that your child gets adequate quantity of vitamins and minerals. Foods rich in calcium like milk and milk product and green leafy vegetable and fish must be included in kid’s diet for strong bones and teeth.

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