Health And Safety In The Kitchen For Kids

Kitchen Safety Tips For Kids

Kitchen Safety Tips For Kids The health and safety of your child is paramount. You cannot make compromises when it comes to the question of your child’s wellbeing. He/she is not just any ordinary human being. He/she is your sole responsibility and anything you do or do not do will directly have a bearing on him/her. The dangers that exist for your kids outside on the streets are nothing compared to the dangers that lurk around every corner at home.

Children, especially those under the age of ten are susceptible to getting hurt very easily due to ordinary household items and activities. You should set all baby proofing measures in place even before the birth of your child. And keep up these safety standards till he/she is well into the teen years and capable of behaving responsibly.

Out of all the rooms and locations in your house, the kitchen is perhaps the most dangerous for young kids. You need to be extra careful in this room and set some boundaries that should not be crossed under any circumstances by your children. Here is a list of basic things that you should keep in mind to make your kitchen safe for your kids.

Tips To Make Your Kitchen Safe For Kids

Don’t Leave The Stove Unattended

Under no circumstance should you leave food cooking on the stove unattended. A young child can very easily reach up and topple a pot of hot food over himself/herself. This can cause serious burns and injuries. If you need to step out to attend to the doorbell or the phone, switch the stove off and take the pan off the heat. Keep any hot liquids and food in a place where children can’t reach them.

Don’t Leave The Stove Unattended

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Switch The Gas Pipe Off

Whenever the stove is not being used, switch the main gas outlet (cylinder or pipe) off. This way even if your child turns the gas knob of the stove on, no gas can leak out. A gas leak can cause a fatal explosion in the house.

Sharp Objects

The kitchen has innumerable sharp and pointy tools and instruments in it. These include knives, cleavers, metal spatulas, forks etc. Make sure all such tools are kept in a locked cupboard. You can even place them right at the back of the counter so that the kids can’t reach them. Never leave a knife close to the edge as it can fall and cause injuries.

Electrical Gadgets

All appliances like food processors, mixers, grinders, choppers etc. should be stored away in a closed shelf after use. If you do not have a closed space for this purpose, make sure these things are kept right at the back of the counter. Do not leave them plugged into an electrical socket when not in use. Always disconnect and wrap the wire neatly around the appliance before keeping it out of reach of kids. Your oven should be placed high on a shelf or fitted into a wall groove.

Toxic Substances

All cleaning supplies like drain cleaning solution, dishwashing liquid, detergent etc. should be kept out of reach of kids. A young child can very easily consume these things and fall sick.


If your fridge is also kept in the kitchen, you should keep it locked at all times. You also have the option to purchase special child proof fridge locks that loop over the door. This way a child can’t open it and crawl inside.

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