Healing And Beautifying Properties Of Sandalwood Soap

Sandalwood Soap

It is very common to come across sandalwood soap advertisements in magazines and on television. In one commercial, we see sandalwood soap being used during festivals, while in the other, we see it being used daily before prayers.

While one lady’s skin is shown to outshine gold, the other smiles on being mistaken for a woman ten years younger! So, what exactly is a sandalwood soap and does it really benefit our skin? Let’s find out.

Sandalwood Soap

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Healing And Beautifying Properties Of Sandalwood Soap

Sandalwood Soap for a Clean and Healthy Skin

We all know that natural beauty is the best. Layers of makeup applied on the skin cannot hide the flaws if our skin is not healthy. Sandalwood helps in healing skin ailments like pimples by fighting germs and bacteria. It helps in keeping oily skin healthy by removing excess oil due to its astringent property and yet maintaining the moisture balance in the skin.

Due to its antiseptic properties, people suffering from acne are advised to use a soap which contains sandalwood and turmeric. It is especially good for those who have extremely oily skin.

Soothing and Cooling Effects of Sandalwood Soap

Bathing with a sandalwood soap provides a very cooling and soothing effect on the skin. This property provides relief to those who have extremely sensitive and itchy skin. It might also help those who have skin inflammations. It provides a calming effect on sun burnt skin.

Psychological Effect of Sandalwood Soap

By using the term, psychological effects of sandalwood soap, I mean to throw light on the soothing effects of sandalwood on our minds. The primary characteristic of sandalwood that would tempt many of us into buying it, is definitely its sweet and fantastic aroma!

Psychological Effect of Sandalwood Soap

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This aroma of sandalwood soap makes one feel relaxed and calm. It helps in reducing sweat odour too. It is also very refreshing and hence, helps in reducing tension and a feeling of uneasiness. Well, that really would be a great start for our day!

Does Dry Skin also Benefit from Sandalwood Soap?

Yes. That indeed is true. Sandalwood soap is gentle on skin and has softening property as well as it contains sandalwood oil in it. The softening property of sandalwood soap along with its anti bacterial action makes skin really beautiful, soft and blemish free.

Anti Aging Properties of Sandalwood

Sandalwood soap helps to keep the skin smooth and healthy. Sandalwood is called as anti aging due to its astringent, toning, softening and healing characteristics.

How To Choose A Sandalwood Soap?

Among the plethora of sandalwood soaps available in the market, it is necessary that you choose the sandalwood soap which is perfect for your skin and suits it.

It is advisable that you choose a natural soap and one which contains pure sandalwood oil. Some soaps may just contain the essence or fragrance of sandalwood, which may be synthetic.

Psychological Effect of Sandalwood Soap

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If you are suffering from severe skin problems, you can also take advice from a skin specialist who can study the ingredients and help you choose the correct sandalwood soap.

In fact, make sure that you consult your health care professional before trying any new product on your skin, especially, if you are suffering from certain health ailments or if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

How To Use Sandalwood Soap?

The method of application of sandalwood soap is just like any other face cleanser. Use it with slightly warm water. General recommendation is to wash the face twice, once during daytime and once during night time when you have to undo the makeup and clean your face before sleeping.

Clean the face with gentle circular movements and make sure you do not rub the face as it puts extra pressure on the skin and pimples and aggravates the situation. After washing, pat your skin dry with a soft cloth.