Handy Tips For The Softest And Fluffiest Cakes

Handy Tips For The Softest And Fluffiest Cakes

Handy Tips For The Softest And Fluffiest Cakes The basic cake is a mixture of flour, butter, sugar and eggs that is baked as loaf and sometimes it may be covered with icing. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But cake baking is a science that needs to be learnt and practiced to bake the softest and fluffiest cake.

To bake a perfect cake that looks good, smells heavenly and tastes delicious you must know certain facts about cake baking.

Handy Tips for the Softest and Fluffiest Cake

Use Ingredients as Mentioned in the Recipe

To bake the softest and fluffiest cake your first step is to follow the recipe properly. Use exactly the same ingredients as mentioned in the recipe.


If the flour required in the recipe is self raising flour or cake flour, use only that. Plain flour is generally used for pastry or rich fruit cakes. Sift the flour before use even if it is clean. It aerates the flour that helps the cake to become soft and fluffy.


Fat is the most important ingredient to make the softest and fluffiest cake. The fat required for a cake can be salted butter or unsalted butter or margarine. Some cakes are also made using refined oil. Make sure to use what is required to make your cakes soft and fluffy. Always soften butter before use as it creams easily while making the batter for the cake.


You should use the specified type of sugar. You will need castor (powdered) sugar for sponge cakes. Use coarse sugar for a spotted look on the cake and granulated sugar where plain sugar is mentioned. Cream butter and sugar well and cream it till the mixture is smooth and pale.


Eggs help to make a cake soft and fluffy as they expand and coagulate on heating. They help to hold the air that is beaten in the mixture to give a light texture to the cake. Add eggs one by one in the mixture for proper blending.

Water or Milk

In certain recipes water or milk is used to adjust the consistency. Use what is specified and always use warm water to make the cake soft and fluffy.

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Accurate Measuring of Ingredients

Measuring the ingredients for the softest and fluffiest cake has to be precise and accurate. You can buy a set of measuring cups and spoons for exact measures where the ingredients are to be measured with a cup or spoon. When measuring flour or sugar with a cup do not dip the cup in the ingredient but you should place the cup on the kitchen counter or a table and pour the ingredient in it. Do not tap the cup and lightly measure the ingredients. You can also get a food scale for measuring in grams or ounces. It will help you to be more precise.

Pre Heat the Oven

Setting the oven at appropriate temperature is another important aspect for making the softest and fluffiest cake. Pre heat the oven for 15-20 minutes before you put in the cake.

The required temperature for baking a cake is always mentioned in the recipe however it is necessary to refer to the oven manufacturer’s chart. Sometimes two ovens of the same category may give different results due to their individual thermostat settings. You should follow the temperature recommended by the manufacturer and make the adjustments accordingly. Always place the cake in the centre of the oven for even baking.