Hairdos For Long Hair For Prom

up Pony

Fashion has gone to an extent that there is no aspect related to hairstyles which has not been visited, whether it is those for short hair or long hair, whether it is for something formal or prom. Long hair no doubt has always been favorite of most girls and the teens are always confused with the numerous possibilities which exist.

Also, spending on hair stylist can be a little heart wrenching and people are always looking for simple, easy and can do at home hairdos.

Some Exotic Long Hair Hairdos For Prom

Some of the amazing, easy and hassle free hairdos for long hair which you can try out at home for your prom to make you look prettier than you already are discussed in the following.

Wavy Glossy Curls Hairdo

Many celebrities have been seen adorning this hairstyle. This appears to look very classy and feminine, which includes not much hassle and goes well with most of the dresses and outfits.

Curls Hairdo

For the look, half way down the head, using a curler, make big curls so they can just fall over your back, and some shine serum should get you sorted for the night, whilst giving you a retro look as well.

The Dainty Braids Hairdo

This look is definitely one of the most favorite, especially when the Gossip Girl star Blake Lively was seen sporting it.

Braids Hairdo

This again is a pretty hassle free and easy to handle hairdo, where all you need to do is blow dry your hair and apply the mousse, after which you need to make thin braids (about 3 -4 especially in the front) on the side making a side part and pin the braids underneath your waves to complete the classy hot look.

The Gussied Up Pony Hairdo

Nobody would have ever imagined that a ponytail could be counted when it comes to hairdos for occasions like prom, but our trend setters prove that wrong.

up Pony

First do a side partition and after applying some serum, curl the hair especially towards the end and tie a pony at the nape of your neck. Then flip the pony to front on one side and make it a little jazzy by spraying some shine serum.

The Rockstar Hairdo

This definitely is one of the ultra-chic looking hairdo, for those who would want to stand out from the rest at their prom like rockstars.

Rockstar Hairdo

In this you need to make S waves with the help of the straightener as you like and then just let the funky curls be or loosely tie them as preferred to get the ultimate cool look.

Conclusion – Making The Best Bet

Everybody wants to look best at their prom, as it one of the most awaited occasions for a high school going student.


And to get that best look, one need to consider a few aspects before choosing the most appropriate hairstyle for instance the dress, the accessories, the shape of your face and more do make a difference as well. Get the hairstyle that suits you the most and stun your prom crowd.